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Do Fish Pee And Poop? What Do You Think?

What Do You Think Do Fish Pee And Poop
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Yes, fish pee and also provides other animals what they require to survive. For a better understanding, let’s learn a bit about coral reefs.

Coral reefs generally look like ridges, but they consist of living things.

For survival, they need some things. They need food, nutrients, sunlight, warm and clear water for growth.

The water does not naturally contain nutrients for growth but the fish pee contains a lot of nutrients.

Fish have kidneys and without kidneys, urine is not possible. The size and shape of kidneys vary depending on the varieties. Anglerfish have a shorter one while eels have longer ones.

A fish pees through the pore that is present near their rear segment. In some species,  excreta goes out through gills or the skin.

When a fish passes urine in a coral region, the corals grab the nutrients and absorb them.

Humans get their set of nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals from their food.

Corals get nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen from the pee. It shows fish pee is really vital for some marine organisms.

Scientists have found plenty of fish that pee and one such is the clownfish. Clownfish pee help anemones.  Anemones consist of algae and it absorbs nutrients from the fish pee. Anemones are animals related to jellyfish.

Fish also poop and sea corals latch on to the nutrients offered by the poop.

Parrotfish lives near tropical reefs and it’s mouth resembles a parrot’s beak. Parrotfish poop because of eating dead corals and they pass out sand.

From sharks to sardines, many of the animals need to attend nature’s call without fail.

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