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How To Travel Cross Country With Cats?

How To Travel Cross Country With Cats?
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Cats are precious companions. These animals are attached to their territory, move cleverly, and proud beings.

Moving cross-country is a stressful experience for many seasoned travelers, and for your cat, it could be one of the worst times of her feline life.

Flying is not a bad option and it’s definitely going to be quicker, scarier, and louder.

For those traveling by car, you can book accommodations on the way. That means taking your cat in and out of new situations.

Cats are fearful when put in a new surrounding. A nervous cat may hide in some of the most difficult places to enter.  Most importantly, you would never like to waste the morning session in getting the cat into the carrier.

How To Travel With Cats Long Distance In A Car?

For long distances by car, experts suggest using a large one (carrier) in which a small cardboard poop tray can be fixed. The situation could turn bad if you wish to let loose your cat. A loose cat is dangerous to both, the human and the cat. Plan a journey for at least four days.

Flying Cats Across Country

Yes, airplane journeys are not easy but they save a lot of time. Talk to your vet about the health condition of your cat. Check if your cat needs vaccinations.

It’s recommended to keep your pet with you all the time during the journey. Buy a good quality carrier and keep the cat underneath the seat.  Apart from engine noise and pressure fluctuations, traveling on a plane can be less stressful.

When you pass through the TSA, you are requested to make the carrier empty. Call the airport in advance and check if private rooms are available to remove the cat from your carrier.

After you have planned your trip, make quick trips with your cat. Let him get some time to get used to the carrier for a long duration of time. Microchip your cat for safety reasons. You can also attach a collar and use a leash whenever your cat is outside the carrier.

The Bottom Line

Consider all your options. It is going to be a hard road ahead but you can prepare yourself.  If things go out of control, switch on your meditative mode.

Patience is the best virtue under all circumstances.

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