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Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? Can You Locate Them?

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?
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Navel-gazing is one of the human’s favorite pastime and this stems from that fact that we are unapologetically anthropocentric.

We tend to believe that only our experience counts and anything that appears different is, usually branded unaccountable, weird, or strange.

Do dogs really have belly buttons like us?

In many ways, canines are physiologically unique from us. It appears toward the upper end of the torso and the navel appears toward the bottom in humans.

In both sexes, female and male dogs, the navel appears on both sides of nipples.

After a fine whelping, a parent dog removes the cord and this scar appears quite small in size. It is also covered by fur.

There are no questions regarding whether dogs have umbilical cords or not and wherever there are umbilical cords, belly buttons are common.

How do you locate a dog’s belly button?

A puppy’s belly button remains visible only for a short period after birth.

For many medium-haired and short-haired dogs, the belly button is located at the point where the base of the ribs and the dog’s coat meet.

When we say bellybutton, it is a thin scar placed above the abdomen and below the ribcage.

Humans are lucky to have their belly buttons decorated. Marsupials and monotremes are known to have no umbilical cords.

Most other mammals have a scar which fades away with time.

Hernia in dogs

Dogs affected by hernia is known to have a bulge. The umbilical hernia refers to a condition in which the wound that occurs when the severed cord does not heal properly.

A normal umbilical hernia shows no necessity for treatment.

In the case of a medical umbilical hernia, the parts of the intestine extend through the muscle wall. If you notice your dog with a protruding belly button, then you should give it serious thought.

This condition can be altered when the dogs are neutered or spayed.

Certain dog breeds carry traits to imbibe this condition genetically. Potential owners of breeds including Pekingese, Beagles, Basenjis, and Airedale Terriers should be careful enough to treat this condition as early as possible.

Where to find your dog’s belly button?

Belly buttons are curious to humans because of their exposure from a very young age.

How many of you have actually rubbed or patted your dog’s belly button?


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