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Can You Allow Your Pets To Sleep With You In Your Bed?

Can You Allow Your Pets To Sleep With You In Your Bed
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Sleeping alone increases the sense of isolation. Let’s see how co-sleeping with your pet affects your health.

Sleeping With Your Pet – Benefits

  1. Dogs or Cats Provide Comfort

Research that involved 150 patients suffering from sleep disorders, around 25% permitted pets in their bedroom. More than 50% of the participants considered their pets as helpful for sleep.

  1. Pets Increase Your Motivation

The role pets play in helping people stick to a daily schedule cannot be neglected. Both are good contributors to gain sleep.

Experts are of the opinion that pets can also play the role of a liaison officer at bedtime. They instigate a feeling of security that enhances the way to a trouble-free sleep.

  1. They offer a sense of peaceful living, satisfaction, and security

This is highly useful for people who sleep alone. Many pets offer unconditional stability, security, comfort, and support.

  1. Creates a feeling of Psychological Balance

Most of the pet owners reported a feeling of security and distraction from stress. They also felt no trouble with health issues and a sense of direction.

Other benefits include an enhanced sense of calm and reduced depression. They elevated better mood, decreased loneliness, emotional bond, and companionship.

Disadvantages of Sharing Your Bed With Your Pet 

Take note of some important things associated with co-sleeping with your pet.

  1. Pets Impact Your Sleep

Some sleep disturbances are associated with a strong change in canine and human relations. Another factor is the sleep-wake cycles of canines and humans that play a crucial role.

  1. Sleep Disturbances Can Happen Due to Pet Snoring

A study reveals that more than 50% of people who sleep with their pet reported some sort of disturbance in their sleep most nights.

Some 21% of people mentioned dog snoring as the main cause of sleep disturbance.

Generally, as mentioned previously, the sleep timing also got delayed by a few minutes for those who slept with their pets.

The Bottomline

Sleep or not to sleep?

At present, if you are not co-sleeping with your dog, you can definitely try this for a few days.

We recommend testing this only for a few nights because you don’t want to alter your dog’s sleeping pattern.

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