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Do Cats Imbibe Human Personality? Clone Or Carbon Copy?

Do Cats Imbibe Human Personality?
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Cat owner’s traits can influence or affect their pet’s behavior, says a study.

The research team came to the conclusion that, when a parent’s personality can affect a child’s character, the same can hold true for a cat owner and his cat.

The Nottingham Trent University in partnership with the University of Lincoln investigated and studied the relationship.

The team interviewed more than 3000 England based cat owners.  During the research process, the team asked questions about the cat’s lifestyle, health, behavior, and also about their owners’ personalities.

The results showed that the findings matched with the parent-child relationship research.

The presence of neuroticism trait is linked with bad outcomes for a kid. These include poorer mental and physical health. This new research found similar levels of neuroticism in pet owners causing negative behavior of their pets.

Cat owners who were found to have higher levels of neuroticism were seen to report their pets as suffering from behavioral issues.

Pet owner personality was found to connect more effectively with various welfare, behavior, and lifestyle parameters.

Researchers said, “ Many pet owners are considering their pets as one of the members in their family. It’s possible that our pets could imbibe some of our personality traits. The way we manage and interact with them will alter their personality to a large extent.”

Most owners want to give the best possible care and love for their cats, these results clearly indicate how can pour personality influence our cats.

Previous research shows that more the neuroticism scores the less wellbeing outcomes while extraversion, openness, and conscientiousness are related to positive child welfare and parenting.

Conclusion- The research finalized that the owner’s behavior traits may influence the behavior of pets, similar to a parent-child relationship.



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