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How Pets Help Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome?

Pets Help Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome?
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What’s an Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome is identified as a feeling of sadness and loneliness that happens to parents after children leave home. Every year, high school pass-outs start college and thus begins a fresh and interesting episode in their lives.

In all honesty, they are not alone facing a new life. Interestingly, parents must also begin a new episode in their lives when left only with an empty nest. Therefore, handling this change correctly will decide if it’s only about a sense of loss or one defined by excitement.

Identity and Parenting

In fact, our identities depend on the variety of roles we normally perform in our day to day life. Moreover, being a parent describes what we do and who we are.

Hence, a parent often faces a terrible sense of loss because their own identities have got significantly disturbed.

How to Redefine Ourselves?

Psychologically analyzing, no one can manage a loss just by getting familiar with them. So, we need to explore new avenues and consider new ones we can expand in the future.

Simple And Effective Strategies For Handling Empty Nest Syndrome

Essentially, you should never wait until all your children leave home. But, for those who need to “cram” and have not planned in advance, try these simple strategies for managing empty nest syndrome.


Empty Nest Pets

Can A Pet Help You Manage Empty Nest Syndrome?

Yes, and no.

However, one thing’s for must: an adorable pet can provide purpose and comfort to parents missing their kids. Not to mention, empty nest pets offer strength and fill the psychological gap when your children leave home.

So, if you are keen to adopt a pet, then go through these revealing insights.

Advantages Of Adopting A Pet

Adopting a cat or dog at home can perform more role than just work as a wake-up alarm. It may increase both your mental and physical health. According to America’s National Centre, the blood pressure of persons with pets showed lower levels as against those without pets.

Also, in another study, it was declared that persons having pet dogs are found to be healthier than non-pet-lovers. With respect to general stress, stroking or cuddling a cat or dog reduces stress.

Furthermore,  bonding with pets provides these health benefits:

  • Reduces loneliness
  • Increase life satisfaction
  • Elevates mood
  • Encourages higher self-esteem

Pets, especially dogs and cats demand consistent attention, feeding, and grooming that inspire a comfortable routine that helps with the change. Certain breeds of dogs like a Labrador retrieverBeaglesGerman shepherdPugPoodle & Shih Tzu play a huge role in therapeutic and make the family crazy happy.

Finally, animal-human interaction study may be inconclusive but it’s a positive factor if you notice your mind and body improving with pet adoption. Finally to give you a hope of ‘someone waiting for you at home’ and make you look forward to that ceaselessly and forever.

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