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15 Important Questions To Ask A Breeder Before Buying A Puppy

Questions To Ask A Breeder
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Buying the right dog is definitely a huge responsibility and assignment.  A loving, caring being who will solely depend on you for years to follow. Take your own time to equip yourself on the requirements of a responsible and legitimate breeder.

 1. Can I see your dog?

Ask the breeder to send clips of their puppies. These videos should show them interacting with their human counterparts.

If you don’t receive any video, skip this breeder without thinking any further.

2. How much deposit should one pay?

An established breeder will allow you to pay a refundable pet deposit well before the puppies are born.  “Door-busters” are those puppies that are immediately sold to the first person who contacts once the puppies are born.

Avoid “door-buster” puppies at all cost.

A breeder who follows a “ non-refundable” policy is a breeder to watch out for.

A good breeder would never wish to withhold your deposit even if you change your mind after paying the deposit.

3. Explain the pickup process in detail

You should pick and choose the puppy of your choice based on the order of deposit paid. No reputed breeder would choose a puppy for you.

4. How the puppies were raised?

The most comfortable answer should be –“with the family members.” Any puppies born and brought up in a barn may remain shy and reclusive.

A puppy raised in a safe and secure family atmosphere would behave cordial and obedient.

5. How are the puppies handled?

Puppies should, in fact, be handled by people from different walks of life. This would ensure that the puppies are friendly and relaxed.

In most cases, the breeder allows visitors over to handle and play with the pups.

6. How are the parents doing?

Meeting the mother dog should be your first priority because fathers may not be present in the breeding facility 24/7.

An affectionate mother dog indicates that you have found an excellent breeder and a nice litter.

7. Give the list of litters you raise

A responsible breeder will ensure that they will not have more than 2 – 3 litters at a time. More litters mean more difficult for the breeder to manage.

8. What About Potty training?

Potty training is the most important step. It’s important because dogs start pottying on their own by the time they are  3.5 weeks old. Remember that dogs do not naturally poop or pee in their crate.

Never forget to ask this question.

9. Please show me the health certificates

Most breeds suffer from predisposed genetic abnormalities and diseases. The breeder should provide you with health clearances from premier institutions like Canine Eye Registration Foundation and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

10. Learn to report a scam

If you are aware of any dog scam, kindly contact the local BBB and also your local government agency.

Website: https://www.bbb.org/

For more information, and if you are living in the United States, you can call the AKC at 919-233-9767. You can try their e-mail as well- info@akc.org.

The most important thing is that you should never buy an AKC registered dog without any papers.

Bear in mind that once the financial aspect has been settled, there is literally no recourse for a cheated buyer.

11. Take your time

Beware of local breeders who falsely claim to have different exotic teacup breeds ready for dispatch immediately.

No healthy puppy can be separated before 56 days of age. Puppy socialization and gestation take months.

12. Beware of slick pictures of puppies on social media

Even professional websites can host fraudulent pictures and never get carried away.

Meet the breeder as well as the dam. Avoid sending money without checking the credentials and references first.

13. No professional breeder will ask for extra payment

No recognized breeders will show more interest in the monetary part than the puppy’s real well-being.

If a breeder asks you to wire more money in the last minute before dispatch, be suspicious.

14. What about the vaccination shots?

Before you take home your favorite puppy, the main thing is to inquire about the health of the puppy. Ask about the vaccination shot details and papers.

15. Do your homework properly

Contact AKC-affiliated clubs to check for the breeder’s credentials.  Ask for references and contact them to hear their experience.

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