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A Sneak Peek Into Most Popular Rain Boots And Raincoats For Dogs

A Sneak Peek Into Most Popular Rain Boots and Raincoats For Dogs
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Most dogs do not really need rain boots or rainwear, but short-haired dogs need something to protect them.

Think of French bulldogs, boxers, and Boston Terriers.

Moreover, even dogs like wire-haired terriers or Labs can benefit from putting on a rain jacket or poncho when it’s cold and raining.

Take a look at the best collections of rain boots and raincoats preferred by NYC –based pet walkers for their dogs.

1. Basset Hound Dog Raincoat

  • Price – US$ 52.20+
  • Waterproof dog coat
  • Made to order

It can be a tedious process to find the right set of raincoat for short legged dogs like a Corgi or a Dachshund.

Most customers prefer to stick their own dog coat and this custom coat, covers their belly, stopping from getting all dirty and black.

2. Ruffwear Vert Dog Jacket

  • Price – US$ 95+
  • Wind and waterproof

Those lined jackets are cool for dogs like whippets. This jacket has got an excellent finish and style.

3. Kurgo North Country Coat( LED Safety Light)

  • Price – US$ 00+

This one features LED lighting. The pet will be visible even in the dark. In addition, the jacket is made using fleece and made of ripstop, and this protects it from wind gusts.

4. Hurtta Torrent Coat Dog

  • Price – US$ 75

Hurtta, a Finnish gear company, that produces top quality clothes. These items are crafted keeping the variables and dog movements in mind.

The main drawback is finding the right size for your dog.

5. Ruffwear Sun Shower Rain Jacket

  • Price – US$ 50.0

For all those who are waiting for full-coverage ripstop nylon, try this rain jacket. This has a big flap that protects your dog’s stomach from matted dirt.

6. Voyager Lightweight Dogs Raincoat

  • Price – US$ 10.0

This is quite an inexpensive raincoat with a simple Velcro type pattern. Voyager is not too tight, and it is super cute.

It does its job perfectly.

7. RC’s Poncho

  • Price – US$ 12.0

RC’s Poncho is not the best one in this category, but it is stylish and elegant. If you wish to be the center of attraction which many New Yorkers want to, then this jacket is for you.

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