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Smart Watches Help Vets Treat Dogs

Smart Watches Help Vets Treat Dogs
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Most people wear a special type of watch that keeps track of their physiological data, with no respite. It all started with humans; fortunately, these are now fast developing for pets too.

The information is now sent to their mobile, and then, using a dedicated app, they can analyze all types of data about themselves.

They can gather details such as

  • Did they sleep tight?
  • How much sleep they have been getting of late?
  • Body fat?
  • Hemoglobin range?
  • Blood Sugar?
  • Body pressure?
  • Body weight?
  • What height did they climb?

All these data can be compared and tracked.  You can analyze all the body weight statistics collected over the last couple of years. You can know the amount of exercise in July and compare it with last January.

After gathering the details, you can set small achievable milestones for you to achieve. This should encourage you to reach your suitable state of physical activity, blood pressure, and body weight.

Reality seldom meets theory: it could be hard to lose that extra pound and exercise more.

The “quantified self” has incorporated some latest sports watch technology which engages accelerometer chip based on body shift.

The “quantified pet” is the next best leap in pet technology. Dogs are used to wearing collars and you can simply add a watch onto a collar.

Some of the earliest inventions were basic, showing details such as how much time they were exercising. With this watch, more well-researched analysis of body movements can improve your pet’s health.

Let ’s take a look at some of the latest pet smartwatch.

The Animo gathers all the important information a dog owner would want. It also allows dog owners to manage what food their dog is munching on.

This smartwatch also tracks other details such as how much time did your dog spent scratching, head-shaking, and barking.

There is a graph feature that delivers details such as what time did he do these activities.

This is a boon for the vets because it can be hard for them to exactly decide how much progress the pet has made in the last couple of days without asking the owner.

New technology promises to deliver dog collar monitors that will provide accurate details including how much a dog is scratching.

There are other advantages:

Pets can now assess how much active dogs become after anti-arthritis treatments.

Other devices help in knowing how much water a dog is drinking and how their heart rate and body temperature changes.

One fine day, your vet would say, “ What’s your pet’s watch showing?” And this day is not very far behind.

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