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Important Safety Tips For A Happy Fourth Of July

Important Safety Tips For A Happy Fourth of July
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America’s Independence Day can turn into a night of bad time for pets, but if you are ready to follow some useful tips there are ways to ease your pet’s anxiety and fear.

With scores of people and ear-shattering noises, the Fourth of July can make your dog’s day into a nightmare.

As per reports, “Research proves that an increasing number of pets are lost on America’s most celebrated day and animal shelters run house full the day after this mega holiday. They are filled with lost cats and dogs.”

Check out these simple tips and keep your dog safe and secure.

1. Try a calming medication

Talk to your vet about medications including anti-stress drops, chews, and treats. There are plenty of homeopathic solutions as well that can improve your pet’s life.

2. Create a safe zone

Restricting the movement of pets can reduce their stress level. Provide a safe place along with a comfortable crate, room, and a bed.

Cover all the windows to reduce the sound.

3. Make your pet sweat it out

Never forget to give your pet plenty of exercise and he will sleep before the fireworks actually start. A jovial play session or a long walk can reduce your pet’s overall stress.

4. Use a quality leash

Secure pets with a quality leash and be alert.

5. Avoid the gathering

Stop bringing your dog to crowded parades or events. A combination of blacktops, packed spaces, loud noises, and heat can be harmful and stressful.

It ‘s wise to stop bringing your dogs to fireworks parties. Never force your dog to attend such an event else they may scoot.

6. Microchip your pet

A microchipped pet can be located with ease if he’s found missing.

Do not forget to update your details as and when you change your number.

In case of an adopted or a rescued pet, ensure that the details are properly updated.

7. Get identification tags

Putting an external ID tag is one of the simple ways to rescue your lost pet. Let the Id tag contain your contact number.

Talk to your vet and select a tag that your dog loves.

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