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Fireworks Anxiety In Dogs – Tips To Keep Your Dog Safely

Fireworks Anxiety In Dogs
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Fireworks Anxiety In Dogs

Every year thousands of pets run helter-skelter fearing for life to escape from fireworks. The summertime also sends unnecessary shivers down dog spines.

Not only they need to handle the issue of booming thunder and lightning bolts, but your dogs also have to safeguard themselves against dubious showcase of fireworks.

Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss some effective tips to keep your dog happy, safe, and stable during fireworks.

What Can I Give My Dog For Fireworks Anxiety?

While fireworks are cool and ecstatic for humans, fireworks and pets are a very bad mixup. According to experts, more and more dogs and cats are reportedly lost on fireworks night.

In the event of your pet escaping from home, ensure that they wear collars with current home addresses and phone numbers. If your dogs and cats are not microchipped, then do microchip them at the earliest.

Keep Your Pet In A Calm Room Or Try Using A Crate

As per reports published by AVMA, it’s best to keep your dog or cat in a closed room or crate.

There are two benefits 

  • The pets are stopped from running away
  • A calm atmosphere will reduce and neutralize the noise coming from outdoors.

Make an exception for an “outdoor” dog or a cat on July 4th every year.

Play white Noise Or Soothing Sounds To Relax Your Pet

The AVMA recommends trying out relaxing white noise and happy tunes in an effort to reduce the fireworks sound.

Walk Your Dog

A worked up dog appears more relaxed and calm. Take them for a long walk before the display actually starts. This approach can calm their nerves and keep them under control.

Motivate Your Dog To Drink More Water

Fear actually makes dogs gasp and feel thirsty. Because of this, pets will try to remain undercover and avoid drinking necessary amounts of water.

Use A “Thundershirt”

An effective calming option, Thundershirts are nervous vets for dogs or pets working similar to wrapping a baby. This product ensures “soft continuous pressure to relax different types of excitement issues, fear, and anxiety.”

Thunder shirts are available even for cats.

Sedation Is Another Option

Suppose, if you have witnessed adverse side-effects in the past, there’s no harm in talking to your vet. He will decide whether to sedate your dog or not. In some cases, a veterinary behaviourist may be needed to make the dog understand.

Acclimatise Your Dog To The Sound Of Fireworks

The best technique to ensure that your dog is feeling comfortable is to play the sound of fireworks for your pet at a louder volume. Train your dog to listen to the sound before he goes for a walk, eats his food, and before play and affection.

This technique will tame him by relative association and he will recognize the sound like something useful.

Tip – You can try this method at least four months in advance.

Carry Treats As A Timely Distraction

Treat your pet with catnip, chew-toys, bones, and treat while the fireworks are on. Whatever you have on hand, use it wisely, and distract your vet from the ongoing event.

Stay With Your Pet

You can stay at home with your cat or dog. This will make sure that they remain calm and safe.

According to an expert, every responsible pet owner should stay indoors on their dog’s first fireworks experience. In this way, it will train them well for upcoming future fireworks celebrations.

The conclusion

Starting early can do wonders in keeping your pet calm and safe. In case, with every passing year, if you notice your pet to show an increasing level of stress, you should take steps to reduce exposure well before.

Consult your vet at the earliest if you think you cannot handle the situation independently.

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