Are Pitbulls Naturally Aggressive? Myth Or Stigma!

Are Pitbulls Naturally Aggressive??
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Are Pitbulls naturally aggressive? The myth, mess, and stigma about the Pitbulls are difficult to attenuate on their own.  They are often misunderstood as tactless creatures, but now is the time to turn the tide.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation…Agreed… But do you know that they are more patient and tolerant than the tiny tweenie Chihuahua? Does that kick in the teeth? It perhaps does… because there is no breed more controversial and misunderstood than the Pitbull terrier over the years.

But, you may have heard Pit Bulls are inherently vicious

When People see you with a Pitbull in the street, they may dodge to stay away or walk across the street, putting a bold face on and ask how you manage to pet one.

It’s true that some Pitbulls have aggressive behavior, but the bewildering reaction of the animal is due to poor breeding methods of immoral breeders, poor socialization, mislabeling, lack of training and even abuse.  And, the end result is that the breed as a whole is perceived unsafe.….

Are Pitbulls Bred For Fighting?

Yes, the Pitbull strains were trained to be aggressive in the past. The barbarous methods by which some people trained their pit bulls were unforgivable! They were chained up, starved, beaten and goaded.

You can only abuse and exploit an animal for so long and not to expect them to retaliate is really disparaging and belittling them to inanimate things.

After its gory past, it is utter claptrap to think that their temperament should be high-quality and sweet-tempered. They were trained by using other pets such as small dogs, Cats, rabbits, etc as baits.

Remember, the insightful old kung fu master Mr. Miyagi in ‘The Karate Kid’ film tells Daniel that there is “no such thing as a bad learner, only bad teacher.”

Officially they have now retired from the blood sports and thankfully, these most misunderstood canines were assigned new responsibilities by genuine breeders to forget their blood ridden ancestry.

In recent times, they are re-employed as home guardians, watchdogs, catch dogs and family pets for Irish and English immigrants to America.

Here is your chance to turn into unofficial Pitbull breed ambassador… Once you’ve got Pitbulls, you can’t resist trying to convince the guy who walked across the street to ask you ‘how did you manage to pet one?’ about how wonderful they really are.

Nothing will make you more satisfied than someone says to you, “I never thought Pitbulls were this sweet” once they meet your dog.

Why do pit bulls turn aggressive?

The reasons could range anything from overpopulated shelters, and no-kill peace protest by activists that gradually results in putting these aggressive dogs back into their homes/shelters.

Are all pit bull puppies aggressive?

Being territorial, anxiety, and fear can lead to aggression in dogs. Moreover, these dog types are assertive and confident, so needless aggression towards other dogs could be the likely reason for aggression.

Are pit bulls naturally aggressive?

The truth is that many dogs belonging to various breeds are susceptible to aggressive behavior due to selective training. You can train any dog to become aggressive including pit bulls.

Are pit bulls vicious?

Not considered as vicious dogs, but in Florida, a breed-specific prohibition is in place.

Are pit bulls more aggressive than other breeds?

The findings show that pit bulls were unduly aggressive towards other normal dogs, generally those they are not familiar with. They do not show a bit more or less aggressive than other dog breeds towards their owners and strangers as such. They are mixed with other gentle breeds and the outcomes are definitely highly adorable dog breeds.

Are pit bulls born dangerously?

No, none of the pit bulls are inherently dangerous. But, ironically, the Maryland Appeals Court recently issued an order stating that pit bull mixes and all pit bull breeds are dangerous by birth itself.

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