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Understanding Dog Whimpering – Why Pups Do It?

Understanding Dog Whimpering
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All dogs talk or communicate. They whimper, they cry, they howl, they bark. If you want to know more about dog whimpering, then read on to learn why pups actually do it.

Why Do Dogs Actually Whine?

Whining is common in dogs because they are still trying to understand how to communicate their wants and needs.

In order to grab their mother’s attention, young puppies resort to whining. It’s quite clear why a canine is whining. At times, the whining would not be that simple and easy to decipher.  In these situations, carefully read your dog’s body language and then decide for yourself.

Popular reasons why dogs whine

1. Looking for Something

If your dog is looking for something, it may use whining as a tool to communicate.  You can catch its gaze oscillating between the object of desire and your eyes.

2.Indicating Stress

It’s not absurd for a domestic dog to whine. This pattern of whining is accompanied by different gestures, like averting the eyes, lip licking, and yawning.

Some dogs yawn and whine occurring together. By exhibiting appeasement gestures, the signal sent by the dog shows that it is calm and composed.

Whining is associated with signs of fear including –

3. Displaying discomfort or stress

Many canines whine when they are in pain or in sickness. They whine to let you know that they are feeling well.  In some cases, dogs whine to calm itself rather than get attention.

4. Showing Boredom

Your pet dog whines and this boredom whining could be a result of sigh and whine signal. He is trying to get your attention.

5. Expressing Excitement

If the dog is excited, whining may be linked to jumping up and jumping down. This could also be an attention seeking behavior.

6. Seeking Attention

Attention-seeking whining happens when you fail to spend quality time with your pet. Some dogs whine to express their jealousy for another pet or person.

When is whimpering a problem for dogs?

Dog whimpering is a way to communicate their feelings with us. If he is anxious, sick, or sad, then talk to your vet.

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