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How To Talk To Dogs Without Smothering Them?

How To Talk To Dogs Without Smothering Them?
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Mario Abenza, an author and a cognitive biologist, says, “ If you are communicating with a pup, slow the tempo and increase the pitch.”

He has authored a recent work interpreting the canine response to the normal human speech. Pet lovers use a baby-talk, high-register voice with their pets, but only pups less than a year old seem to love it.

He says, “ With older dogs, you better use your normal nasal tone.”

Canines can learn words.  Rico, an intelligent and brilliant Border collie, knew 100-150 items by name. Like a toddler, it can easily recall the names of objects by avoiding items with labels he knew.

Do Dogs Really Listen To You?

Experts suggest food treats, gestures, and facial expressions while you talk to your pet.

Maintaining eye-contact is very crucial. Experts point out that even wolves pay attention to human faces. Dogs are highly receptive to pointing gestures and gaze.

Researchers disagree about whether dogs can emote like humans, but research show dogs feel what is called “emotional contagion.” In another study, pet dogs that heard sounds of infants crying displayed the same level of alertness and cortisol levels as their human companions.

At times, you might find puzzled: Does it really care? Is this canine even following what I’m saying? The question is the same for felines too.

If that’s the case, you should do the things you would do in a normal human conversation.

Is it getting any closer? Is the pet looking at you?

Humans are social animals. Connecting with pets can actually make you happy and positive about the world.

Abenza is now preparing his doctorate focused on vocalizations.

Human language is so wide and rich. We, somehow, believe that every other animal understands our language. They are not.

Well, spend quality time with your dogs, but never disturb them when they are in their own world filled with whispers, howls, squeaks.

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