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National Puppy Day (March 23rd) – Puppy Love Is The Magical Love!

National Puppy Day
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National Puppy Day reminds us of a special day to enjoy, lavish, and praise the unconditional and magic love that dogs or puppies bring into our mundane lives.

But more importantly, on this memorable day, it’s a big day to educate people about the unknown sins of puppy mills and also save abandoned puppies all across the globe.

Colleen Paige, the founder of National Cat Day and National Dog Day, is the one who founded the National Puppy Day in 2006. Paige is an author, home lifestyle and celebrity pet expert.

More About Puppy Day      




Puppies are adorable, playful, happy, and fluffy. They bark and fool around, all they expect from you is pure love.

We honor our esteemed four-footed friends, and it’s most importantly the best national day ever. No matter what gender or breed, all puppies are qualified psychoanalysts without any formal qualification.

History Of National Puppy Day




Puppies are the gift of the highest kind and this gift remains our lifelong companion no matter what.

When you are tired and back, they wish to see you are there for them and nothing more.  A pretty hard day at work? Imagine a cute ball of walking heaven waiting to meet you at the door and all your stress dissolve in thin air.

The main idea is to increase or generate awareness about umpteen puppy mills. It is the duty of every dog lover to educate people on how to adopt a puppy.

Puppy mills are nothing short of a third-degree torture chamber and they are just run to mint money. Between these horrible establishments and dogs remaining unneutered and unspayed, the dog population is slowly growing at an alarming rate.

So, What Is The Best Way To Celebrate The World Puppy Day? 




The most simple and charming way is to spend quality time with your puppies at a place of your choice.

All you need is some crazy love and space both in your heart and in your house and you can find the right puppy to share your life with.

Talk to your local animal shelter or a local pound because the puppies here need your unconditional love and adopting one will prevent puppy mills in continuing their trade.

On March 23rd, this Puppy Day spread awareness and campaign for the sake of countless puppies who are still waiting for a caressing hand.

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