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Simple “Vet” Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe On Valentine’s Day

Keep Your Pets Safe On Valentine’s Day
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You know for sure that your cat or dog is not just another living being, but a dignified and respected part of your family.

This is the main reason why vets will spend quality time to learn more about you as well as your pet, giving you both the same kind of treatment you deserve.

It is now that time of the year where love will flow in the air, non-stop seamlessly on Valentine’s day.

Simple “Vet” Tips to keep your pets safe on Valentine’s Day

1. Check all your flower arrangements

Lilies are highly dangerous for cats. Eating lily flowers can cause severe kidney failure in cats. Dogs are prone to upset stomach by eating any part of the lily, be it stem or flower. Ensure that your pets are far away from lilies.

2. Thorny-stemmed flowers such as roses are a problem

Dogs and cats are prone to mouth erosions. Instead of taking a chance, put these sort of flowers in your garage.

3. Never let your pets eat Valentine’s sweets or chocolates

All types of chocolates including dark, white, or milk are toxic to pets. Dark chocolate is considered much more dangerous.

4. Cocktails for your pets? Are you kidding me?

Alcohol toxicity is a very serious issue when it comes to cats or dogs at home. A 50 lbs dog can become serious if he consumes just 1 ounce of alcohol.

5. Candle lights are dangerous

Cats and dogs can get their tails or their coats burned. Make sure they stay away from candle lights.

6. Gift wrappers can cause intestine obstruction

Cats are known to swallow small gifts even with strings. Please be careful.

Have a safe Valentine’s day for your pet. In case of anything serious, talk to your local vet immediately.

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