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Pets Rights – Fundamental Rights Of Pets On Par With Humans

Pets Rights
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In America, around 70% say all pets, in general, definitely need some sort of safety while 28% believe they should be accorded the same fundamental rights as humans.

The pro-animal rights view a decade ago, in fact, stood at 22%.

Let’s discuss some of the basic fundamental rights every pet should be allowed to enjoy irrespective of their size, color, sex, health, and size etc.

Equal Respect On Par With Humans

If there is a sudden loss of a pet, the pet owners are now in a position to ask for loss of companionship and mental suffering.

Are you aware that dogs have the intelligence of a 4 – 5-year-old child?

Dogs should be considered as a sentient species like humans because the capacity to experience attachment and love, would suggest that they are susceptible to emotions.

This emotional understanding stresses a relook of how we normally treat dogs. Pets are man’s best friend and definitely, they need a better and a proper care and treatment.

Regular Care

Most vet parlors and clinics offer a range of services including grooming. Pet spas have started mushrooming in all major cities across the country.

For a hale and healthy pet, regular brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, tick checks, and baths are needed to maintain their feet and skin healthy.

Vet Visit

To ensure that pets are robust, agile and healthy all the time, frequent vet visits are recommended. A complete vet calendar and schedule should be always made available with the pet owner at all times.

Access To Affection And Love

A simple and powerful family relationship is the main requirement in which your cat or dog moves in without any hesitation.

These pets should always stay close to their families and also receive plenty of attention, affection, love and abundant time.

Family Time

All pets survive and grow well in the company and affection of their family. When left to survive for on their own, they simply lose their interest to live and become sick.

There should be strict laws against irresponsible pet owners who leave them without proper food and resting place.

Fitness Is Important

Every pet needs both physical as well as mental stimulation on a regular basis. There is a myth prevalent amongst many pet owners that older dogs need no exercise.

According to vet experts, all pets require some kind of exercise. Depending on your dog’s health and age, you customize their exercise routine.

Proper And Safe Place To Live

Relegating a cat or a dog to an empty space outside, to survive on their own in lashing rains, bone-biting cold, and the hot sun should be made into a punishable non-bailable offense.

Right to the safe and good shelter should be made into a pet’s fundamental birthright.

Access To Clean, Fresh Food And Water

No pet should be made to eat rotten table scraps and drink algae-infested and dirty water. Every pet should have total access to clean, fresh, water and food on a daily basis.

Admissable In The Court Of Law

Pets cannot argue their case without others help in the court of law which makes it even more important that they all deserve access to legal representation.

Preference In Times Of Natural Disaster

Pets are simply abandoned in times of crisis such as landslide, tsunami, earthquake, or any other natural emergency. They also need rescue and support in those crucial times.

Say “No” to Cruelty

No animal, be it big or small, should be allowed to suffer in any form. The various ways in which animals are subject to torture include circuses, zoos, scientific research, cosmetic research, and all forms of questionable poultry and dairy farm practices.


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