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Unbelievable Exotic Pets That Makes Your Day Brighter

Exotic Pets
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Some people just wish to own something unique, exotic, and rather splendid looking than the usual dogs and cats. Amazingly, our blue planet hosts some of the most stunning exotic pets that can be adopted as cool domestic pets.

Moreover, if you ever wondered owning exotic animals as pets would put you behind the bars, you just wait to read further. From stingrays to tarantulas, check out these cool exotic pets you can legally own.

Note –  Each and every state in the United States follows different exotic pet animal laws. Also, laws are always subject to change.  Kindly contact your local administration for a detailed answer.


  • Origin – Not clear
  • Maintenance – Low to High
  • Safety – Not considered dangerous for humans
  • Price – USD 75 to USD 250
  • States allowed in the United States – Allowed in Utah with a state permit
  • States not allowed in the United States – California, New York, Washington, D.C.,
  • Life Expectancy – 6 – 8 years (average), unusual cases- 11 – 12 years
  • Celebrities who own Ferrets – Paris Hilton

Ferrets are social, curious, and smart animals. In addition, these animals require a lot of interaction and training to bond properly. However, Ferrets make brilliant companions for children and adults alike.

Ferrets Traits

Male ferrets are called hobs and female ferrets are known as jills. But, baby ferrets are known as kits. In America, neutered males are called gibs while spayed females are known as sprites.

Ferrets Interesting Facts

  • The name “ferret” derived from the word “furonem “ means “thief” in Latin.
  • Ferrets enjoy a good sense of hearing and smell but a poor vision.
  • They are related to the ancient European polecat.
  • These animals come from the family that includes polecats, weasels, mink, otters, and wolverines.

Ferrets Breeders

  • Broward Ferret Rescue Inc.
    Broward County, Florida
  • Texas Ferret Lover’s Rescue
    O. Box 800503
    Balch Springs, TX 75180

Fennec Fox

  • Origin – Sahara desert and North Africa
  • Maintenance – Average
  • Danger factor – Safe with adults and children
  • Climate – Temperate
  • Price – USD 1500 to USD 2000
  • Legal to own in the United States – Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Florida (with permit)
  • Illegal to own in the United States – Washington, Nevada, Missouri, Minnesota
  • Life Expectancy – 10 to 15 years
  • Celebrities who own Fennec Fox – NA

The desert fox or the fennec fox is a cute, small omnivore. They belong to the vulpine family. In addition, people keep Fennec foxes as pets. These foxes are not petite by nature, and they behave like dogs.

Since fennec foxes are not domesticated, these animals require extra training and good socialization behaviour.

Fennec Fox Traits

They are very agile, quick, and active.  The Fennecs are nocturnal and adapt quite well to their breeding place. Moreover, fennec foxes behave like dogs and require good training.

Fennec Fox Interesting Facts

  • The most lovable aspect is its cute button nose.
  • Fennecs mate for life.
  • These foxes have a great tendency to escape.
  • Being very good social animals, fennec foxes can manage other pets and strangers
  • They are capable enough to touch up to 23 inches in height.

Fennec Fox Breeders

  • Julie’s Jungle
    North Florida
  • Sheri Hanna – Exotic Endeavors
    Phone: 805-208-1759
    CAUSDA Licensed Fennec Fox breeder


  • Origin – Sahara desert and North Africa
  • Maintenance – Low
  • Danger factor – Low
  • Climate – Both cold as well as hot
  • Price – USD 2000 to USD 5000 (normal)
  • Legal to own in the United States – California, Alaska, Colorado (with permit)
  • Illegal to own in the United States – Check with local authorities
  • Life Expectancy – 15 to 30  years
  • Celebrities who own llamas – NA

Many individuals would not prefer llamas as exotic pets since people still treat them as a livestock animal. At times, llama attraction arises due to “ first sight love”. Besides, they are not suitable for everyone and based on their needs and size, llamas require more attention.

Llamas Traits

Being very good social animals, llamas are easily trainable like horses. Moreover, llamas are known for their spitting and the erratic sounds they make.

Llamas Interesting Facts

  • They can reach as high as 6 foot tall.
  • In addition, llama wool looks water-repellant, warm, and light.
  • Llamas work well in harsh and hardy environments.
  • Being veggies, the digestive system of llamas are effective.
  • Interestingly, llama poop offers no odour.

Llamas Breeders

  • Great Northern Ranch LLC
    Steve & Sue Rolfing
    600 Blackmer Lane
    Columbia Falls, MT 59912
    phone: 406-755-9044
  • Annie Austen
    EX37 9HF

Turtles (Red Eared Sliders)

  • Origin – southeastern United States
  • Maintenance – Low to high
  • Danger factor – Low
  • Climate – Warm
  • Price – USD 20 onwards
  • Legal to own in the United States –  Columbia, New Hampshire (with permit),  Massachusetts
  • Illegal to own in the United States – Oregon
  • Life Expectancy –  Up to 50 years
  • Housing – An appropriate diet, special reptile lighting, and a large tank
  • Celebrities who own red-eared sliders – NA

Red-eared sliders need more activity than others. In general, these turtles require much larger space. Also, bear in mind, caring or adopting a slider turtle and more effort than provide them with some rock or water.



Turtles Traits

Not wanting to go basking or claw fluttering are two common behaviors that the turtles use for communicating something. Understanding the behavior of the turtle ensures that the growth and over wellbeing are proceeding in the right direction.

Turtles Interesting Facts

  • Females and males will have short tails, short front claws and long tails, and long front claws respectively.
  • They require a big tank that consists of around 100 gallons of water.
  • Indoor ponds are one of the most preferred hangouts of these turtles.
  • Commercial turtle pellets offer a rich source of diet but they need additional supplements.
  • These turtles are most prone to vitamin A deficiency and metabolic bone disease.

Turtles Breeders

  • Backwaterreptiles.com
    E-mail- sales@backwaterreptiles.com
  • Next Generation Enterprises DBA Tortoise Town
    Phone: (609) 408-8783
    E-Mail: support@tortoisetown.com
    Web: www.TortoiseTown.com

Stick Insect

  • Origin – Southeast Asia to New Zealand
  • Maintenance – Low
  • Danger factor – Nil
  • Climate – Tropical
  • Price – USD onwards
  • Legal to own in the United States – NA
  • Illegal to own in the United States – NA
  • Life Expectancy – Up to  1 or more years in captivity
  • Housing – Requires an enclosure at least 3 times more than its length with good ventilation
  • Celebrities who own stick insects – Katie Price loves stick insects

Stick insects belong to the Phasmida family, and there are around 2500 species of leaf and stick insects. In general, these insects depend mainly on camouflage, so they look much like leaves or twigs, based on the species.

However, certain species of these insects possess wings. Overall, stick insects are quite popular as pets due mainly to their distinct appearance and easy maintenance.

Stick Insect Traits

Treat with caution! Stick insects appear to be gentle and will sit nicely on your hand. For obvious reasons, simply show your open palm and slightly nudge them. Also, stick insects are fragile and can be handled with very soft hands.

Stick Insect Interesting Facts

  • Indian stick insects are normally kept as pets in Europe.
  • Blackberry is used as a regular diet for stick insects.
  • These insects love moderate humidity and they produce dry waste.


  • Origin – Syria
  • Maintenance – Low
  • Danger factor – Low
  • Climate – Desert conditions
  • Price – USD 13 to USD 55 onwards
  • Legal to own in the United States – NA
  • Illegal to own in the United States – Hawaii, and California
  • Life Expectancy – Up to 2 years
  • Housing – Depending on the variety, choose the right cage
  • Celebrities who own hamsters – NA

Hamsters are very popular with kids. In particular, hamsters are small rodents and are known to survive at least 2 years in captivity.

Common Types Of Hamsters

  • Dwarf Hamsters – Some of the most common dwarf hamsters include Russians and Roborovskis. These hamsters are quite identical with Chinese Hamsters.
  • Chinese Hamsters – These hamsters appear very rarely, and people consider them as dwarf hamsters.
  • Syrian Hamsters – Also called as teddy bears and golden, they come in different colour combinations.

Hamsters Traits

Young hamsters are easy to train. Moreover,  hamsters need enrichment and activities to make them healthy and happy. In addition, they require to chew toys and there are plenty of hamster toys available on the market.

Hamsters Interesting Facts

  • Discovered in the deserts of Syria, Syrian hamsters are a popular breed amongst hamsters.
  • They are nocturnal creatures.
  • In fact, Syrian hamsters love being alone. So, keep them separately in cages.
  • Hamsters prefer sleeping in enclosed areas.
  • These animals love vegetables, fruits, and proteins to keep them happy and healthy.

Hamsters Breeders

Zika Hamstery
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Pot Bellied Pig

  • Origin – Vietnam
  • Maintenance – Low
  • Danger factor – Low
  • Climate – Desert conditions
  • Price – USD 700 to USD 1500 (Deposit- USD 100 to USD 250)
  • Legal to own in the United States – Texas, Michigan, Oregon
  • Illegal to own in the United States – South Dakota
  • Life Expectancy – 12 to 18 years
  • Housing – Own space with plenty of room for moving around
  • Celebrities who love pot-bellied pigs – George Clooney

A breed originating in Vietnam, this unique Potbellied Pig loves people and can make good house pets. In fact, most of them find that pigs are smart animals.  Also, these pigs are easily trainable and feature sensitive and headstrong personality.



Pot Bellied Pig Traits

The pot-bellied pigs are always curious and can become possibly destructive.  In addition, these animals can turn foodaholics and quickly learn to open pantry and cupboards. Also, pot-bellied pigs are known for their aggression and can become territorial and dominant.

Pot Bellied Pig Interesting Facts

  • Pigs respond quite well to positive training and hate physical punishment.
  • For individuals with expectations, this exotic pet will ensure an entertaining and a rewarding experience.
  • Lots of patience, repetition, praise, and consistent rules will ensure that your pot-bellied are well behaved.
  • Not to mention, they are fond of grass and soil because it contains vital nutrients for their growth.
  • Also, pot-bellied pigs suffer from poor eyesight. However, they will make up for it with their exceptional sense of smell and hearing.

Pot Bellied Pig Breeders

  • SaddleCroft Farm
    Brogue, PA, USA
  • Windward Oaks
    Metamora, MI, United States
  • Sharp’s Little Pig Town
    Scio, OR, United States

Hyacinth Macaw (Blue Parrots)

  • Origin – Eastern and central South America
  • Maintenance – Normal to high
  • Danger factor – Low
  • Climate – Desert conditions
  • Price – USD 1200 onwards
  • Legal to own in the United States – Texas, California, Florida
  • Illegal to own in the United States – Contact the local authorities
  • Life Expectancy –  60 years
  • Housing – Stainless steel cages last better and they have very powerful beaks
  • Celebrities who love hyacinth Macaw – Diane Warren (songwriter)

Nicknamed the sweet giant, the Hyacinth Macaws are definitely amongst the largest parrots and can reach around 3.3 ft. Due to their incredible size, macaws require plenty of space for spreading their wings.

However, pet trade has drastically affected their growing population.

Hyacinth Macaw Traits

This parrot is also called as “blue parrot”. As far as temperament is concerned, the macaw is one of gentlest parrot. In fact, the hyacinth macaws are known for their easy to train feature and they also move well with their human owners.

Moreover, these parrots have got a wide spectrum of vocalizations. It ranges from high trills to loud screeching. At times, birds like macaw also purr.

Hyacinth Macaw Interesting Facts

  • Some macaw parrots are so strong that they can easily crack coconut shells.
  • There are different types of hybrid macaws. Some of them include Camelot Macaw, the Harlequin Macaw, and the Catalina Macaw.
  • The glaucus macaw is an extinct species.
  • In particular, no two macaws consist of the same feather order on their face.
  • Also, the macaws generally live in flocks.

Hyacinth Macaw Breeders

  • Hyacinth Macaw Aviary
    Terri and Joe
  • Birds by Joe
    265 RT 22 Greenbrook NJ 08812


  • Origin – Africa
  • Maintenance – Low
  • Danger factor – Low
  • Climate – Arid zones containing abundant shelter
  • Price – USD 70 to USD 250
  • Legal to own in the United States – Massachusetts
  • Illegal to own in the United States – Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii
  • Life Expectancy – 4 to 6 years
  • Housing – Avoid wire cages, and 2 to 3 feet of floor space is enough
  • Celebrities who love hedgehogs – Bella Thorne

Hedgehogs are very cute and adorable. But, is it the best pet for you? Moreover, caring and maintaining a hedgehog is quite similar to animals like guinea pigs and rodents.

Hedgehog Traits

When hedgehogs feel relaxed, their spines appear almost flat. However, during emergency situations, hedgehogs roll themselves into a very tight ball. They are low maintenance pets and are quite compact in size.

Since hedgehogs move around as solitary animals, never use one cage for two hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Interesting Facts

  • They exhibit an interesting behaviour called “self-anointing”. In general, particular smells produce saliva from their body.
  • Hedgehogs suffer from low vision but have a brilliant sense of hearing and smell.
  • With more than 5000 spines, each spine lasts around a year or so.
  • In general, European hedgehogs sleep throughout winter.
  • Especially, they are, in fact, lactose intolerant.

Hedgehog Breeders

  • Houndstooth Hedgehogs
    Morgan Harris

    705 12th Avenue NE
    Jacksonville, Alabama
  • Wild For Hedgehogs
    Billie Wilder

    1283 Candle Lite Loop
    North Pole, AK
  • AZ Hedgies
    Eric Malsack

    2834 S Extension Rd
    Mesa, Arizona


  • Origin – Central and West Africa
  • Maintenance – High
  • Danger factor – High
  • Climate – Tropical
  • Price – USD 300 onwards
  • Legal to own in the United States – Montana, Carolina (Both North and South), Iowa, Nebraska
  • Illegal to own in the United States – California, Wyoming, Vermont, Utah
  • Life Expectancy –  50  years (normal)
  • Housing – They require a durable enclosure
  • Celebrities who love chimpanzees – Kim Kardashian owns a chimp named Suzy

Do chimpanzees make really good pets? Although chimpanzees look lovable, they are not so easy pets to maintain. Interestingly, some male chimpanzees can become twice as big as humans.  Since chimps are more comfortable in the wild, they need good socialization skills.

Chimpanzee Traits

They are hands-on, strong, and active.  Chimpanzees thrive in social gatherings and they groom each other. In fact, the chimpanzees spend their time much like humans. They play, socialize, and eat.

Chimpanzee Interesting Facts

  • Being omnivores, chimpanzees eat both animals and plants.
  • They are good at using tools. This includes using stones or sticks to open food items.
  • A chimpanzee named Washoe has learned around 350 words from the ASL (American Sigh Language) family.
  • In addition, chimps represent around 98% of human genetic DNA.
  • Also, they use touches, hugs, and kisses in their community for communication.


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