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10 Banned Foods For Felines – What Are The Toxic Foods For Cats?

Toxic Foods For Cats
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Do you have the habit of feeding your cat a little amount of whatever you eat? Your love and affection for your cats are appreciated but not the food!

Yes, not all human foods are safe for your cats. Some foods cause much harm and are never to be fed to your tabby.

So, you must say “no-no” to a few foods for your cat though you got the awareness of the unsafe foods to your cat.

Such kind of foods is the banned foods and it is better if your cat does not get exposure to these foods. We have provided brief information on the banned foods and the reason behind the ban on them!


Onions: This vegetable does not suit your cat. Onions will break down the red blood cells inside the cat’s body. It will lead to stomach upset or indigestion.




They are not at all the great food for your cat. You should avoid feeding mushrooms to your tabby as it may lead to systemic shock or complete organ failure.




It is not advisable to feed a high amount of fish to your cats. Fish can cause thiamine deficiency in cats that lead to seizures. Bones of fish may also get stuck in your cat’s throat and cause lacerations.

So, it is better to avoid feeding fish to your cat.

chicken-bones-banned-foods-for-catsChicken Bones

Like fish, chicken bones may also get stuck in the digestive tract and lead to internal bleeding. It may also puncture or tear the intestinal lining as well.

Feeding chicken bones will also cause infection in cats and sometimes lead to death. So, chicken bones are not advisable to feed your cat.

raw-meat-banned-foods-for-catsRaw Meat

Possibilities of bacterial presence are found high in meat, especially raw meat. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli or salmonella are found in raw meat.

These bacteria will cause vomiting and diarrhea in cats. You should be either careful while feeding raw meat to your cat or avoid feeding the same to your tabby.


Raw eggs are also not suitable to felines as they may cause skin issues. Avidin in eggs will interfere with the absorption of biotin in the body. So, biotin deficiency will occur and this leads to hair loss and skin issues in felines.


dairy-products-banned-foods-for-catsDairy Products

More cats are prone to lactose intolerance. So, dairy products will lead to diarrhea in felines. It is better to either avoid feeding dairy products to your cat or feed it in little amount.


raisins-and-grapes-banned-foods-for-catsRaisins and Grapes

Grapes and raisins are not suitable for your cat. It will make your cat fall sick. Also, the toxic effect of raisins will cause vomiting, hyperactivity and kidney failure.




As dairy products can cause diarrhea, chocolates are no exception to your tabby. Chocolates contain the toxic chemical compound named “theobromine.”

Theobromine will lead to seizures, abnormal heart rate, tremors and even lead to death. So, never feed chocolates to your tabby.



candy-and-gums-banned-foods-for-catsCandy and gums

Next to chocolates, candies and chewing gums are also not suitable to your cat. Xylitol, the sugar substitute present in candies, will cause seizures.

As prevention is always better than cure, you need to know the ways to avoid your cat getting exposure to these foods.


  • The toxicity of human foods is occurring accidentally. So, the best way is to keep these foods in a closed container.
  • Keep an eye on your tabby to ensure that it is not getting exposed to these foods.
  • Immediate veterinary attention is vital if the cat shows signs of illness such as tremors, diarrhea, etc.

Bottom line: Feed the right foods and feed them in a small amount.

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