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10 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

10 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make
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Some pet lovers are of the opinion that cats are easier to maintain than dogs. Not in every case. Without wasting any time further, let’s discuss the 10 most common mistakes feline owners make.

  1. Leave them alone – Cats by nature are known for their independent nature. They prefer hiding their injuries and illnesses and can go unnoticed for days. Touch, cuddle, and care for your cat daily and ensure that it appears bright-eyed and alert. Supervise both litterbox output and water intake. If you suspect something, talk to your vet for a physical examination.
  2. Brushing – Some cats are in need of daily brushing and grooming. Short-haired cats manage on their own but shedding will come down drastically if you brush your cat weekly once. Long-haired cats need to be groomed a couple of times a week so that their coats don’t mat. Never shave your cat’s coat as this is not a good habit.
  3. Vomiting – Hairballs are a common problem in cats. When you find your cat vomiting more than a couple of times a week, take him to your local vet for an examination.
  4. Outdoors – Cats love to move around and make new friends. Never allow your cat to move around without any supervision. Ensure that you are more aware of your surroundings because your cat’s safety is more important.
  5. Pet insurance – Pet insurance is more of a necessity today compared to a decade ago. In most cases, the pet owner pays the vet and later claims the reimbursement from the insurance company. Vet bills can touch thousands of dollars and it is uncomplicated if you have insurance for your cat.
  6. Vaccination – Young cats should not miss vaccination shots to prevent conditions such as rabies and feline distemper. When felines are older, we request you to have a regular meeting with your vet.
  7. Growing Lillies – No one understands the real nature of the toxins present in the lily. All parts of this plant are toxic. Wash your hands and never touch your cat after coming in contact with a lily plant.
  8. Laser toys – Instead of using your hand, use a laser pointer and hand-chasing behavior is not good when your pet weighs more than 10 lbs.
  9. Tylenol – Acetaminophen toxicity in cats cause liver failure and anemia. Never give any medication on your own without consulting your vet.
  10. Declawing – Declawing is recommended only for those felines that might lose their home due to their erratic behavior. It can be prevented using the right training. Buy them a scratch post so that the destruction will come down.

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