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Sweet-Faced Labrador Retriever Is The Most Loved Dog In America

Labrador Retrievers Are The Most Loved Dogs In America
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Labradors are here to stay. They are not yet ready to let go of their grip over American dog lovers. Labrador Retrievers are the most loved dogs in America.

However, as per data released by the AKC, the German Shorthaired Pointers are at the top ten owing to their gentle and loyal temperament.

Labradors are making the top spot their very own by coming first for the record-breaking 28th year consecutively.

Not to mention, there’s been a lot of steady movement over time. All types of Labs have a big hold in people’s life and soul all the time.

Heavy looking English labs are a little laid back but are very sweet and preferred as show dogs.

Chocolate labs are also for the show bench. They are not rare but they appear infrequently at the labrador litters. Chocolate lab puppies are very cute and are the most preferred labrador puppies.

Silver labs are the descendants with the desecrated gene of the chocolate brown labs. They are playful, loyal, and fun-loving friends.

Yellow labradors are just like any of the loving and loyal labs. The coat color has shades of yellow and is recognized by the AKC.

Actually, white labs are yellow labs with a pale-colored coat. Even White labs are recognized as Yellow labs.

Let’s analyze the 2019 dog popularity rankings:

Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds

Behind labs, the first five popular dog breeds include –

  • German shepherds
  • Golden Retrievers
  • French bulldogs
  • Bulldogs

The second half consists of-

  • Beagles
  • Poodles
  • Rottweilers
  • German shorthaired pointers
  • Yorkshire terriers

Labradors broke the record for the most popular dog back in 2013. Dog lovers credit the Labrador Retriever ’s amiable aptitude and nature in many dog roles including therapy dogs, dog-sport competitors, gun dogs, service dogs, and bomb sniffers.

At number nine, the GSP( German shorthaired pointer) gained its best ranking since 1930. These cute versatile, hunting dogs are multi-faceted and work as active companions, bomb-detectors, and drug sniffers.

The everpresent French bulldog occupies the fourth spot for a second time in a row as the most loved dog, after rising from the 83rd sport two decades ago.

The dignified, wrinkle faced bulldog is a family-oriented breed that is very gentle with the children.

Glamorous and show bench favorite, the poodle is an intelligent and energetic dog breed with elegant temperament.

Yorkies are dogs of small structures and protective and loyal temperaments and are loved by most of the people.

The statistics

The popularity rankings indicate the breed’s acceptance amongst the staggering 5,80,900 purebred dogs and puppies newly registered in 2018. Out of the total registered dogs, some 88,175 dogs are Labrador retrievers.

According to AKC, registrations are not compulsory, but the last six years have been phenomenal.

Experts put the number of dogs between a mammoth 70 million to 90 million.

The new entrant beagles

Beagles, now in the sixth position, can claim to be unique. No dog breed made into the top 10 in almost all the decade since the 1880s.

Why Beagles are loved dogs?

Beagles are dogs with an excellent sense of humor. Moreover, they are a good family companion. In addition, Beagles are comfortable and low-maintenance dogs.

They also work sniffing out plants and meat at airports and hunt rabbits.

What about German Shepherds?

America’s most popular dog breed has a stronghold on people’s hearts and gets fit into any type of household and environment.

What is the friendliest dog breed?

The smart and strong Golden Retrievers are the friendliest of all dog breeds. They have many roles in their pocket as very good family dogs, service dogs, and are highly obedient when comes to the court of training.

The rarest of all dog breeds

Pronounced SLOO’-ghee, the Sloughi earned AKC recognition just three years ago. This dog substitutes the Norwegian Lundehund in this category.

The reality behind the popularity

Many criteria can streamline a breed’s popularity- celebrity owners, exposure from movies and TV, and ease of maintenance, and so on.

Popularity data can increase knowledge about a particular breed.

The purebred factor

Critics complain that the AKC can do more to prevent puppy mills. The club says encouraging breeds will help preserve traits of dogs that do certain jobs.

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