Alabama Rot Disease – Alert For Dog Owners!

Alabama Rot Disease
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Alabama Rot disease is the latest alert for dog owners.  However, the disease was first diagnosed in some dogs in Alabama, USA during the 1980s itself.

This disease creates lesions on the skin and also in the mouth. An affected dog in its critical stage of the disease will suffer kidney failure. It is also called as cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), which rots the flesh of a dog.

1. Alabama Rot Disease – Symptoms

During the 1980s, Alabama Rot disease was only seen amongst greyhound breed dogs. Presently, this disease does not seem to target a specific dog breed but affects all dog breeds of different sizes and ages in the UK. This disease affects many dog breeds.

Some dog breeds that get affected  by Alabama Rot:

  • Labradors
  • English springer spaniels
  • Whippets
  • Border collies
  • Cocker spaniels
  • Flat-coated retrievers.

Alabama Rot Disease in a Dog Will be Noticeable Through Certain Symptoms:

  • Sores or ulcers or skin lesions not caused by a known injury
  • Sores appear on various areas of the dog’s body like mouth, tongue, legs, chest and abdomen
  • Decreasing hunger
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Anorexia

The ultimate symptom is kidney failure, which in most cases becomes fatal for the affected dog.

2. Alabama Rot Disease Diagnosis

  • The affected dog should be taken for a lab test to check its blood and urine samples. The purpose is to detect whether the dog is suffering any kidney problem
  • Check the dog for any physical injury/injuries, skin infection, leptospirosis and other causatives for its kidney failure
  • Skin biopsy should be done to confirm the undertaken diagnosis tests


Divided opinions remain amongst veterinarians regarding the cause of Alabama Rot disease. A section of vet experts specifies that a parasite is a causative. Another section of vets states that a bacteria called E-coli is the reason for the disease’s emergence.

Dr Fiona MacDonald, a veterinarian from the UK stated very recently that she had spotted the cause of Alabama Rot disease. Dr Fiona after due research concluded, a bacteria called Aeromonas hydrophilia found in brackish or fresh water is the cause of this disease.

She also specified that the same bacteria affects fish. She claims that 27 dogs were notified to suffer Alabama Rot disease. However, the finding is a good indicator but needs more research for clear substantiation.

Treatments For Alabama Rot Disease

Vets suggest that dog owners need to bring their dog at an early stage of Alabama Rot disease. Some reports state that certain dogs recovered from this dreadful disease due to detection in the initial stage itself.

The treatments currently practised for this disease include:

  • Wound management of skin lesions
  • During the kidney failure stage, use of strong supportive therapy.

3. How to Prevent Alabama Rot Disease?

Until now, no preventive steps exist in order to avoid Alabama Rot disease in dogs. Vets advise dog owners to avert this disease through washing their dog once it comes home after a walk.

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