Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? Is Cranberry Sauce Safe For Dogs?

Can Dog Eat Cranberries?
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Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? The answer is no and also yes, cranberries are non-toxic for dogs. When dogs eat them in moderation it will do them no harm. Both dried cranberries and cranberries, if provided in small quantities, are quite good for dogs health.

Raisins mixed with cranberries must be totally avoided as raisins are utterly toxic to dogs. Prepared cranberry juices and dishes with additives must also be avoided. Cranberry dishes normally contain other ingredients, alcohol, and sugar.


Tart but a sweet fruit, what’s your cranberry knowledge? How much are you aware of this amazing festive fruit?

Is there a better fruit than cranberry?

First, test your understanding by taking the “Must-Know” quiz and then read the article thoroughly at the end without fail.

1. Do ripe cranberries bounce?

Ripe, good cranberries bounce well. Cranberries are also called “Bounceberry.”


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Are Cranberries Safe For Dogs? - Infographics And Video


Can Dogs Eat Cranberries Infographic



Health Benefits Of Cranberries For Dogs

  • Cranberries cure stomach ulcer in dogs.
  • It can have a great help in health issues like urinary tract infection in dogs.
  • Rich in polyphenol antioxidants, which helps to promote the immune system and fight against cancer cells in your dog.
  • Cranberries are the best dietary fibre for your dogs.
  • The phytochemicals in cranberries will fight against ageing of your dogs and maintain a balanced tip-top shape.
  • feeding your dog with this fruit in juice form, it improves a dog’s vision.
  • It can increase good cholesterol level and used to decrease bad cholesterol level.
  • They can prevent cardiovascular disease and improve the cardiovascular system.
  • Also, it can prevent dogs dental decay.


Is Cranberry Sauce Safe For Dogs?

If consumed in moderation, cranberry sauce is not dangerous for dogs. However, it contains a high value of sugar which is not good for your pet’s health. Also, if it contains currants, raisins or grapes, then its a big NO as they are highly toxic to dogs and may further lead to kidney damage.

Some recipes may also use alcohol, which should also be avoided at any cost. If your pooch really loves cranberry sauce, after feeding it with the plain one, watch out for any sort of allergic reaction or intestinal upset.

Cranberry Sauce and UTI in dogs

There is no conclusive evidence to prove that cranberry sauce can prevent and control (UTIs)urinary tract infections in dogs. According to veterinarians, excessive intake of cranberry can cause bladder problems including calcium oxalate stones formation in dogs. Always consult your vet about the cranberry supplements and treats available in the market.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries?

Some dog owners may try to feed their canine friend with dried cranberries as they themselves like eating the fruit in a dried form rather than a fresh one. You should not feed dried cranberries to your dogs, because it contains preservatives and concentrated sugar, which will affect dogs health.

Can Dogs Have Cranberry Juice?

Cranberry juice can positively cleanse the urinary tract of dogs as it does for humans. Dogs can drink cranberry juice if it is prepared in an organic form or made at home without adding any sugar. But your dog pet should not be fed with any juice product. You have to check the label for any addition of artificial flavor and sugar content.

Your dog may not like 100% pure cranberry juice as it will be a bit too sharp. If you are tempted to add even a little bit of sugar, then the purpose go waste than any benefit. In that case, you need not encourage to feed the juice to your pooch.

Overall, cranberries are safe when provided in moderation without any additives. There are also lots of vegetables and fruits that could be added to the dog’s food that are absolutely safe.

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