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Do Dogs Hold Grudges Like Humans?

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?
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Yes and no. We can’t say much. One thing is for sure, dogs are not unconditional “love animals‘.

Some experts claim it is not at all possible due to cognitive limitations. “Yes, they will,” say some dog parents.

Well, it actually depends on how a person defines “grudge.” It could mean a simple resentment where an individual is resented.

Can you describe a dog grudge?

Dogs are not selfless love machines. They don’t love or can’t love everybody, be it, another pet, or human.

While some canines might forgive, others do not due to some reasons. They remember what humans or other dogs did not do or have done to them in the past.

Dogs do have strong memories and deep emotional lives and it shows it’s possible to hold grudges.

Do dogs have long-term memories like humans?

If canines do not have memories as claimed by few, then why would dog parents hire a dog trainer?

This clearly shows memory is part and parcel of a dog’s training program. Researchers claim puppies do not like when someone speaks ill about their owner. They remember when something like that happens.

When fair play stops, do dogs hold grudges?

When dogs play, they are busy working and show their intentions. They just fine-tune their behavior. Fair play rules in dogs include-

  • Ask first
  • Try to be honest
  • Follow the rules
  • Admit you are wrong

When Fairplay stops, they use actions such as body-slamming, mounting, and biting.

In canids, a “bow” action is used to ask people to play. While performing a bow action, the dog crouches on his forelimbs.  For instance, wolves and dogs who avoid fair play are ostracized by other members.

The Bottomline

Scientists agree that canines have the emotional and cognitive abilities to hold grudges.

They remember events and these memories stay for a long time. The data on wolves clearly shows that those wolves who were wronged truly avoided or ignored them.

It is sensible to believe that animals still might hold grudges who behave unfairly when they avoid group activities.

These are areas where future research will produce more answers on whether nonhumans and dogs hold grudges or not.

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