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Dog Exercises FAQs

Dog Exercises FAQs

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need?

How much exercise does a dog need

Each dog needs different exercise time. The helpful rule of thumb is that dogs should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for a healthy and fit life.

Bigger dogs need more exercise time as long as 2 hours and small dogs do not need that much exercise time. Generally, dogs below 5 years and sports dogs need more exercise time than the regular ones.

How Much Exercise Does A Puppy Need?

How much exercise does a puppy need

The exercise time and workout needs increase as the puppy grows. For healthy development, a puppy needs two walks per day and plenty of naps.

Generally, 3 to 5 months old puppies may need 20 minutes of walk, and puppies above 7 months need 30 to 40 minutes of walk twice per day. Walk sessions can be accompanied by fun plays and training games for complete growth.

Can You Exercise A Dog With Kennel Cough?

Can You Exercise A Dog With Kennel Cough

Dogs affected with kennel cough may act normal regardless of their illness. However, the symptoms may worsen after exercise. It is best not to exercise the infected dog until at least two weeks after it gets better.

Consult your vet before walking him for exercise after the illness to prevent secondary infection. You can give honey mixed in warm water after each exercise for a week.

How To Exercise A Dog?

How To Exercise A Dog

Exercises have lots and lots of positive impacts on the wellness of dogs.

  • A solid 15 minutes of walk in the park will be a good start.
  • Play a ball-fetch game with your dog. This can keep the dog engaged physically and mentally.
  • Play some indoor fun games with your dog like find the treat, run and catch, hide and seek, etc.
  • Try fetching games with your dog with soft toys or Frisbee –anything that makes your pet chase and bring the object back to you.
  • Climbing up and down the stairs will build his muscle
  • Swimming with your dog will make their and also your joints strong. But, remember not all dogs are water zealots.

How To Warmup My Dog?

How To Warmup My Dog

Start with slow short walks with your dog on a leash for the initial discovery of the backyard, park, or walking area.

Don’t go overboard and indulge him in vigorous exercises. Always exercise him according to his age and size.

Your dog may be adamant after some time to go off the leash but never encourage that, as it may be dangerous for your dog, you, other animals, and others around. With early socialization and proper supervision, you can play with your furry friend in dog parks.

How To Get Your Dog Exercise Indoors?

How To Get Your Dog Exercise Indoors

You can even engage your dog perfectly indoors. Some indoor exercise ideas:

  • Play hide and seek with your dog.
  • Try ball fetch or soft toy fetch and teach him to understand basic commands like sit, stay, and come.
  • Go for some curiosity “nose sniff -treat find” game to encourage sniffing ability
  • You can try to run around with your dog cheering and make him jump up and down for closeness with excitement.
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