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12 Pawsome Dog-Friendly Companies – May I Come In?

Dog Friendly Companies
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These companies are said to pamper your fur baby with absolute love and care. Wanna know the best-dog-friendly company in the United States?


Canines have been man’s and diamonds have been a woman’s best friend for a long time. But, at present, intellectual Americans are pushing their love for their furry friends to a different level altogether.

It’s not limited to just their social media pictures or videos. Youngsters, in general, are mad about their dogs, spending easily $400 USD on jackets.

Companies are slowly waking up to this trend and using it to employ in-demand talented professionals.

With a range of pet-centric incentives ranging from bereavement leave to on-campus dog parks to subsidized pet cover, employers are trying every new trick in the book.

Paws At Work – The Perk Matters

Which’s the most loved pet-friendly company? A pet site recently surveyed more than 1000 Americans. They gathered details including the employer’s attitude towards pets.

Take a look at the list and decide for yourself.


An e-commerce giant, you will admire it for the pet policies and facilities. It has an on-campus dog park, complimentary poop bags, and treats to canines.

Amazon’s one of the coolest features is the dog-friendly water fountain in its headquarters at seattle. It is a proud firm for taking your dog to work policy. More than 6,000 dogs accompany their owners to work every day at Amazon’s facilities.

Its highlight is that the company’s pet named Rufus, a corgi has a building named in his honor. So, it is a purrfect place for your pooch and

Pets at work, Amazon surely knows, have been shown by science to boost collaboration and empathy and reduce stress.

Procore Technologies

It is a software firm having headquarters at Carpinteria, CA. Procore’s construction project management software is one of the widely used one among several software.

It goes a mile forward in providing dog-friendly happy hours called “pawties” to their employees.

The dog-friendly office has water bowls around campus, outdoor lawns, and free treats to ensure that pups have playtime too. Employees who are pet parents can also enjoy pet insurance as a benefit.

Procore has also devoted a Slack channel to “furry-friends” and keep their employees (i.e. pet parents) happy throughout the day with the photos of their puppies.


A pioneer in medical insurance for canines and felines, Trupanion provides pet perks for their employees! It offers its pet-parent employees 3 days off (with salary) for pet bereavement. The company has in-house dog walker, too!

So, dogs are frequent visitors to this office. A Pet Program Manager and a Pet Emergency Team will work together to ensure that your furry friends are safe during the workday.


A renowned retailer of pet goods and services, Petsmart encourages employees to pamper their pets. It also provides partial pet insurance coverage to their workers and has an area designated for dogs to play with their owners.

PetSmart also offers associate discounts on dog grooming and merchandise, as well as providing free training classes for dogs. Its headquarters at Pheonix location has also an on-site dog park, along with a “Top Dog” fitness center, “Sit & Stay” café, and Halloween costume contests for canines and children

So, the pet parents who are also the employees of PetSmart can happily bring their dogs to work.


It is a San Francisco-based online marketplace, which offers lodging, especially homestays. The name “Airbnb” is the shortened version of its original name AirBedandBreakfast.com.

Today, more than 40% of Airbnb listings are available via Instant Book, an app that allows guests to make hotel booking. It also has a new check-in tool that automatically feeds arrival instructions to the guests via the app.

Airbnb also provides facilities for canines. It provides dogs their own “employee” badges to scan in every day. The canines have to show up their badges to enter the building.

Nestle Purina PetCare

A famous subsidiary known for pet food and products, it keeps its employees happy by allowing them to take their furry friends to work. It holds the world record once for most pets in an office.

Your fury baby will be welcomed at the corporate campus in Mosby, which includes a dog park. Nestle Purina Petcare also promotes pet adoption among their workers by proving $250 stipend per adoption. This will make it easier for employees to become pet owners.

Nestle Purina also de-stresses the employees by having their lovable dog next to their desks.

Petco Animal Supplies

Petco is a California-based pet retailer. Generally, pet retailers allow their employees’ canines in the office premises and provide product discounts for employees who adopt pets.

But, Petco believes that healthier pets make happier people, which will make the world a better place. It also encourages employees to bring their “furry, four-legged pets to work every day, even all year long. A highlight is that Petco provides employees an extra day of PTO for pet bereavement.

Since the setting up of National Pets at Work Day in 2016, Petco has also been actively encouraging for pet-friendly workplaces. So, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly place to work, Petco is the purrfect choice!


It is a wholesaler of fitness equipment, which has “pawternity” policy for its employees. The policy includes a $200 pet store gift card, lifetime supply of Zogics pet shampoo, and an extra week of PTO. It also produces its own pet care line.

So, if you’re an employee of Zogics and a pet parent, you’re lucky enough to work for it!


It is a software company having headquarters in New York. Ceros offers partial coverage for pet insurance to employees who are pet parents.

Ceros also shows love for their employee’s dogs by featuring them in an annual “Dogs of Ceros” calendar.


It is an American multinational transportation network company offering services including peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, ride service hailing, and a bicycle-sharing system. Based in San Francisco, it has operations over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Uber is known for its office perks, such as wine on tap. But, its unlimited PTO policy stands out well among its employees.

Uber’s unlimited PTO policy provides flexibility to employees in a way that they can either adopt a dog or need to take time for pet bereavement.

It allows new dog parents to train their dogs at home before bringing them to work. Uber also offers dog beds for the pups to lounge around.


This cloud-based software company provides hands out bandanas and tags to every dog in the office.

It has also “Puppyforce,” a program that allows employees to work alongside their canines on a designated floor, which can occupy around 300 dogs that have been enrolled.

The designated floor will be part office and part doggy daycare. So, the employees will get a chance to hang out with their pals all day.


It is the most trusted and convenient online platform for pet parents, vets, and service providers. Chewy.com not only provides pet supplies but also thinks out-of-the-box ways to surprise the pet lovers.

It allows their employees to work from home for 2 weeks when they get a dog. Chewy.com also provides good discounts for their pet supplies.

List Source – Rover.com

Why Amazon tops the list?

Most of you would be aware of the fact of how Amazon treated its employees in the recent past. No! We are blaming the company.

The company has done a remarkable thing. It spends lavishly on employees’ pet.  They provide a fake fire hydrant, and a fully functional dog deck.

Every year, Amazon organizes a doggie Halloween contest and a “Bartoberfest.” And, the canine employees can report to the Amazon’s Manager “Lara Hirschfield” on any given workday. That’s awesome.

Amazon has previously demonstrated its employee welfare measures such as building a 40,000 plants artificial forest right inside its Seattle branch. Dog owners are also encouraged to roam the courtyards of the headquarters with their pups.

Having pets at work have been known to improve empathy, boost collaboration, and reduce stress. As long as feel that your friends at the workplace are free of animal fear or allergies, maybe why not replicate Amazon’s model in your company.

Celebrating National Take Your Pet to Work Day may be the perfect way to start.

Take Your Pet To Work Day- June 21

This day is celebrated every year with enough pomp and fanfare. Pet Sitters International was the brain behind this novel day. It created this day to encourage businesses to allow dogs in the workplace for one Friday each year.

Another reason behind the creation of this day is to celebrate the canine companions and to promote their adoptions from rescue groups, local shelters, and humane societies.

This day also encourages employers to experience the joy of pets in their workplace and to support the local pet communities.

“Take Your Pet Day” was first celebrated in 1999. This annual event is always celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day. The year “2019” marks the 21st annual event of this day.

The week that leads to this day is celebrated as “Take Your Pet to Work” week.

Carry your furry companion to work that day. Inform your colleagues well in advance about your interest.

Make a visit to the nearby rescue shelter and adopt a pet.

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