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Dog Intestinal Blockage – Tips To Follow If Your Dog Has Swallowed Something

Dog Intestinal Blockage
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Are you familiar with the common saying “Dogs munch anything?” If you have a dog, you know for sure that dogs have this uncanny ability to swallow or ingest something they shouldn’t.

Most depressing thing is that they do it quite frequently.

The big question is – how should you react if you discover your dog has eaten something strange?  Should you rush him immediately to your nearest vet or wait and watch if the foreign object passes via his stools?

Relax and read this article completely to know how to handle this tough situation.

Take these tips and help your dog recover from that situation without losing your mind.

What’s A Foreign Body Substance?

A foreign body substance is usually defined as an item that originates well outside our human body. Awkwardly shaped objects can get stuck deep down the digestive tract and result in expensive surgery.

Certain dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers are known for eating indiscriminately. The exact degree of obstruction and location will decide the right type of action.

Symptoms Your Dog Ate Something Abnormal

The symptoms may vary based on the type of object ingested, duration, exact location, and nature of obstruction.

If your pet dog shows any of these signs, it could mean that he may have eaten something toxic or foreign:

  • Increased rate of respiration due to discomfort
  • Visibility of foreign object such as bone in mouth
  • Loss of blood or diarrhea
  • Loss of nutrients or dehydration
  • Mild to severe stomach pain
  • Lack of interest in food or loss of appetite
  • Sluggishness or lethargic behavior
  • Regurgitation or vomiting

What Foreign Objects Are Generally Swallowed By Dogs?

Take a look at some of the popular foreign objects swallowed by dogs across all age groups

  • Stockings
  • Socks
  • Fruit Pips (stone)
  • Fishing hooks
  • Balls
  • String
  • Bones
  • Sticks
  • Corn Cobs

What Step Should You Take If Your Dog Has Swallowed Something Abnormal Or Toxic?

Without wasting any time further, you contact your local vet straightaway. Even if you are unsure whether your dog has consumed something toxic or not, still it’s vital to contact your vet.

Your vet will guide you regarding the next course of action.

What Actually Happens When A Dog Ingests A Foreign Object?

  • Certain objects are compact enough to move directly through the gut.
  • Big-sized objects can obstruct the intestine and can cause vomiting in your dog.
  • The second major problem occurs due to the unnecessary pushing motion when the dog tries its best to dispose of the foreign substance.
  • In cases where the object gets stuck inside the dog’s stomach, the gut wall can get ruptured. In this way, they can become an easy breeding ground for ingesta and bacteria and the result can be serious gastroenteritis.
  • When a dog swallows objects like string, the chance of the string damaging the intestine is quite high.

How The Vet Handles This Health Crisis?

The first and foremost step is to collate all the needed information. They include finding the exact location, understanding the signs of obstruction, and a thorough clinical examination.

The pet appears fine and it has swallowed an object just now, your vet will make the dog vomit and prevent the object from entering the intestine.

If a foreign object such as a bone gets stuck between the tooth, it can be removed with or without anesthesia.

In certain cases(very small objects), the vet may advise the pet owner to monitor their dog’s stools, clinical signs, and appetite to check whether the foreign matter has passed via stools.

Some of the tests your vet may recommend include

  • Electrolyte imbalances test
  • Blood test
  • Abdominal x-rays for a better understanding. This will indicate changes in the flow of gas suggesting some kind of a blockage
  • Barium study is needed when the foreign object camouflages itself inside the dog’s body
  • Vets may also carry out an abdominal ultrasound
  • Endoscopes are very useful in removing foreign objects stuck in the esophagus.
  • For foreign matters stuck in the intestine, vets perform surgeries to save the dog from further complications.
  • The longer the duration of the foreign object inside the body the longer the problem.
  • Vets may also remove sections of the bowel if found unfit and a ruptured gut can cause serious health issue later.

List Of Foreign Objects That Are Highly Dangerous To Dogs When Swallowed

Some of the items that are more likely to result in severe consequence include-

Tampons- When a dog swallows a tampon, it increases the risk of intestinal blockage.

Objects like scissors – Sharp objects pass with great difficulty. Try feeding your dog with 1 slice high-quality fiber-rich bread that will in all probability wrap itself around the bone.

You can also feed them with 0.5 cups of brown rice(cooked) or canned pumpkin.

Cat excreta- If ingested in large quantity, the cat excreta can cause severe health issues.

Alkaline batteries- Sharp canine teeth can easily puncture the batteries releasing strong chemicals that may affect your dog’s stomach and throat.

Call the vet immediately because inducing vomit can do more harm because of the nature of the foreign object.

Strings – Called linear foreign body, a small piece of string may initially appear harmless. As it gets tighter, it can easily cut through the intestine.

Pennies-  Pennies after 1982 are known to cause zinc toxicity to dogs.

How To Stop My Dog From Swallowing Something Toxic Or Foreign?

  • Maintain your garden as clean as possible.
  • Stop your dog from consuming waste.
  • Always keep your dog under the watch.
  • If you believe your doggie has consumed something abnormal, you contact your local vet immediately.
  • Buy your dogs only toys that are difficult to swallow.
  • Teach your dog leave it or move away from.

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