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Home Remedies For Flatulence In Dogs

Home Remedies For Flatulence In Dogs

Possible Diseases For Flatulence

Home Remedies For Flatulence

1. Slow Feeders:

The most common causes of gas in dogs are gobbling up their food as fast as possible and eating food from a raised food bowl. This swallowed air causes flatulence or it comes out as burps. Owners need to slow down the food consumption time of their dogs. And slow feeder is the easiest way to slow down a dog that eats too fast.

Slow feeders are feeding bowls that may look like mini labyrinths or games or even like puzzles. Kibble is placed around the raised pieces or along the pathways in the puzzle. The dog needs to take time to scoop out the kibble in these nook and cranny paths. As it takes accuracy and time to do this, the dog eating automatically slows more than when it eats the food from a regular bowl.

2. Probiotics:

When you’re apprehensive about your dog’s digestive health or oral health, probiotics for dogs offer many benefits. Another reason to get interested in canine probiotics is they help the dogs to reduce burping and flatulence. The common probiotic source is fructooligosaccharides (FOS) but other oligosaccharides, lactulose, and arabinogalactans are also considered. Sources include larch (a source of arabinogalactans), inulin (most commonly extracted from artichokes, chicory roots), beet pulp, pectins, and wheat dextrin (Benefiber), and galactomannan polysaccharide (e.g., guar gum).

3. Dietary Supplements:

There are several supplements you can likely find in your local health food store that might reduce the potency of your dog’s gas.

  • Charcoal and Zinc acetate reduce the intestinal gas odor.
  • Few tablespoons of dried or chopped parsley to your dog’s meal.
  • Ginger reduces digestive issues.
  • Enzyme-containing foods to the dog’s diet are a valuable addition: Melon, Papaya, Coconut water, Raw honey, and bee pollen.
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