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Home Remedies For Lethargy In Dogs

Home Remedies For Lethargic In Dogs

Possible Diseases For Lethargic

Home Remedies For Lethargic

1. Lethargic Nature Is Not A Disease, It Is A Symptom:

Lethargic nature can result from metabolic disorders, abnormalities with medications, any infection or sometimes it can be hereditary. Depending on the cause, extreme tiredness should be treated with either medications or any other supplementary therapy.

2. Inculcate A Healthy Routine:

Dogs need regular exercise to maintain healthy physical and psychological health. If your dog is has a very sedentary lifestyle or overweight, consider working more exercise into their daily routine.

Exercise options:

  • For younger dogs: Playing with other dogs, chasing a ball or Frisbee, going for a run or hike, etc.
  • Older dogs: Having a canine buddy come over to hang out, walk around the neighborhood, etc.
  • More options for exercise: Treat dispensers, Toys, Chewable goodies, and more. Schedule a puppy play date with a brisk dog or add a second walk by hiring dog walkers.

3. Provide A Foodie Attraction:

For a lethargic dog, there are a few things you can try at home to make mealtime more attractive or help spice up your pet’s appetite. Depending on the personal preference of your pet, the suggestions you read from books, sites, or vets will all be trial-and-error only. There is no sure-fire fix available.

4. Reward Positive Behavior:

Try to reinforce good behavior by using affection or healthy dog treats as a strategy to perk up your pup. Never allow your lethargic pet to associate meaty bones and snacks with their demoralized state. The general rule is to make your pets engaged and active before you reward the pets with treats.

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