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Home Remedies For Rapid Breathing In Dogs

Home Remedies For Rapid Breathing In Dogs

Possible Diseases For Rapid Breathing

Home Remedies For Rapid Breathing

Certain breeds of dogs (such as brachycephalic breeds) are more vulnerable to hot and humid environments. Due to a lack of normal sweat glands, dogs usually breathe rapidly to adjust to the heat. Brachycephalic dog breeds are ineffective in panting due to reduced nasal passages and Compromised trachea (inherited facial structure).

This means an increase in temperature or summertime can create considerable hazards to their health such as sunstroke, aggravated by dehydration.

  • Don’t use an airway restricting collar. Use a harness instead.
  • Providing access to 24/7 Cool Water.
  • Persuade to drink enough water by placing a water fountain or water bowls close to the pet area.
  • Water alone is not enough sometimes, add flavor by mixing bone broth or chicken broth.
  • Take shorter, slower walks in the early morning or evening (during the cooler parts of the day).
  • Do Not Leave the dogs outside for long even if you have shady areas outside.
  • Invest in a comfortable cooling pad and place it in the relaxing area allocated for the dog.
  • Weight management is really important.
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