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Home Remedies For Reducing Hypersensitivity To Cold In Dogs

Home Remedies For Hypersensitive To Cold In Dogs

Possible Diseases For Hypersensitive To Cold

Home Remedies For Hypersensitive To Cold

If your dog is hypersensitive to cold, it may shiver, seem stiff, or seek warmth by curling up or hiding. While it's important to keep your dog warm and protected from the cold weather.

There are some home remedies that can help alleviate their symptoms:

  • Provide warm bedding: Provide your dog with a warm, comfortable bed in a draft-free area of your home. You can also add blankets or a heated pet bed to help them stay warm.
  • Dress them in warm clothing: If your dog is sensitive to cold, consider dressing them in warm clothing such as a sweater or coat when you take them outside.
  • Increase exercise: Regular exercise can help improve circulation and increase your dog's body temperature, making them less sensitive to the cold. Take your dog for regular walks or engage in indoor activities like playing fetch or tug-of-war.
  • Add warm food and water: Adding warm water or broth to your dog's food or water bowl can help increase their body temperature and keep them warm.
  • Massage your dog: Gently massaging your dog's muscles can help increase circulation and warm them up. Use gentle circular motions on their back, legs, and feet.

Remember, if your dog is hypersensitive to cold, it's important to keep them warm and protected. If their symptoms persist or worsen, consult with a veterinarian to identify and address any underlying health conditions.

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