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11 Must-Have Puppy Essentials For Exciting Times Ahead

Puppy Essentials
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Are you bringing home a new furbaby?

Well, to begin with… Good for you. Congrats!  Second, you’ve come to the right place!

Exciting times ahead!

We’ve been in that situation: when are the big puppy eyes staring at you with credulous innocence and naivety looking for their fur-ever home, you may ponder,

“How can I raise this tail wagging cuteness when I don’t know the first thing about what it needs?” Moreover, there are countless puppy supplies out there, making it complicated to know where to start.

Once you’ve gotten all the must-have medicines and recommendations from your vet, here’s an ultimate checklist of pup essentials to help you get ready for the big day your puppy arrives.

Also, we all know that the cuteness level gets pronounced more when you see a puppy wearing an adorable accessory.

It might seem like a lot to get but don’t worry, that’s only because you’re, in fact, thinking about things in advance.

The objective is to focus on the bare essentials and remember to throw in lots of love.

What Are The Basic Essentials Before Bringing My Puppy Home?

1. Collar, Harness, And Leash 

It’s important that you familiarize them with a soft puppy collar, harness and a leash from day one. The collar carries your pup’s ID tag, listing your name and contact number in case they ever become lost.

You’ll have so much fun choosing one that suits your puppy’s style.  There are high-density webbing collars like Blueberry Pet Classic and even vintage-inspired leather collars like the Trailblazer Collar.

Make sure that the harness you get is flexible and fits your puppy perfectly.

The leash should be well-made and strong, with durable and robust hardware. For obedience training, you’ll need a long leash and a shorter one for everyday walking activities.

The best leashes should be of 4-6 feet with an adjustable loop. To create a unique style for your pup, feel free to mix and match your leash.

2. Puppy Chews

Puppies impulsively use teeth the way human babies reach out with their tiny fists. Your puppy chews to alleviate boredom, to manipulate objects, to explore the world and because it feels good.

Arm yourself with anti-chew spray with a bitter scent, legal chew toy (maybe filled with liverwurst) and Rawhide chews or edible “dental” chews to manage your puppy from chewing on your belongings.

3. Brushes, Combs And Nail Clippers

Puppy grooming may not be on your radar when you first get your puppy to your home.

Introducing grooming in a positive way allows the pup to build a nice association with the grooming equipment (such as combs, brushes, clippers, nail trimmers) and the handling that is associated with the grooming process.

Initially, a soft-bristle brush and slicker brush are really all that you need. For removing loose hair and scarf from your pup’s coat, Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush- Slicker Pet Grooming Brush will be perfect.

4. Shampoo And Toothbrush

For puppies, every muddy pool and little puddle are something to roll around in, savor and enjoy. Of course, there’s no escaping the fact that they seem to enjoy getting muddled.

That’s been a part of their charm! Keep their coat clean and smelling fresh with a gentle, organic, hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner that’s appropriate for sensitive puppy skin. Also, get a supply of ear and eye cleaning products.

Keep in mind to establish a regular dental care routine early on by using a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste.

5. Puppy Beds

As part of their growth process, your Puppy needs his own place to sleep so make sure you find a comfortable bed for their size, coat and more.

Even if you’ve permitted your snuggler carte blanche to dwell in your bed or couch, they still need a bed of their own.

For small breed puppies – Polka Dot Puppy Bed, Kojima Hot Dog Puppy Bed, Home Sweet Home Puppy Bed, Soft Plus Leopard Puppy Bed will be good

Those who are looking to replicate royal touch with your comfort puppy bed, then the Blueberry Microsuede Puppy Bed will be good for them.

PLS Pet Cuddle Pouch Will be a lovable sleeping cave suits miniature or small dogs up to 15lbs in weight and is ideal for Pomeranian pups, Maltese or Yorkies.

6. Car Harness

Choose a car harness that suits your puppy size and breed.

7. Kennel, Crate, And Cover

You should provide them with a good quality kennel or crate depending on where your puppy will be sleeping.

8. Comfort Toys

For a puppy, moving to a new home can be really overwhelming. So provide them with their new favorite plush toys which can infuse a sense of security and belonging.

They can also keep your puppy stimulated and exercised, especially if you can’t be with them all the time.

What Are Puppy Food Essentials?

1. Food Bowls

Metal bowls are too light and can also rust eventually whereas Plastic bowls tend to become scratched. Ceramic bowls are probably the best choice and easier to clean.

2. Puppy Food

The best puppy food for one dog breed may not be the best food for another dog breed puppy. There is no multipurpose puppy food that will meet the needs of all puppy breeds in the same way.  You need to choose the food for your puppy with great care!

Try to offer your new puppy more than one brand of puppy food and you can find out which one is more comfortable for your puppy. Chances are there your precious young pup may snarf up and enjoy all the foods.

3. Puppy Treats

Get good puppy treats to cheer him up while training him.

What Do I Need For Puppy Crate Training?

Though training crate is important for new puppies, it becomes a good pick when your little puppy isn’t so little any longer. It forms a small indoor escape and makes toilet training as well as sleeping through the night a lot easier.

Crates are an ideal ‘den’ for your puppy and a home within your home for the puppies.

Essentials For Toilet Training A Puppy

1. Odor Or Stain Neutralizer

You won’t have to use odor and stain removal products frequently, however, they’re always handy for any accidents your puppy may make before they’re fully toilet trained.

2. Pet Diapers

Diapers are not just for humans. Actually, puppy diapers can be essential (and relief for pet parents) due to a variety of factors, typically related to health.

3. Waste Control Bags

When your puppy is vaccinated and ready to head out to the park, you’ll definitely need to keep some dog poop bags on hand. It’s also good to have a stash of these at home for cleaning your backyard and for any accidents while you’re on your toilet training journey.

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