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10 Best Fish Pets -Tips On Vaccines & Aquariums

Fish Pets
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Amazingly vibrant and entertaining to see fishes are excellent pets for families like cats and dogs. As such fishes need a good amount of care, people can choose certain low maintenance fish pets for their house which would suit their choice with lesser space and less time-consuming maintenance.

With lots of variety available to choose as fish pets and with every species having its own level of care requirement, it is necessary to update yourself about the various features of the fish to make a right choice of pet.

Certain species are the great choice for beginners however the certain variety of fishes require special care, so it’s advisable to pick a right choice of fish pet which suits both your experience and lifestyle.

Fish Pet Types

To assist you to pick the right fish as pet brush through few handy tips on a various variety of fish pets. Each species require a specific condition in the aquarium so keep a check on the type of fish you choose a pet that suits your preference the best.


Coldwater fishes have less maintenance required. The major need for this variety of fish is a tank, dechlorination and a filter apart from the essential need water.

This variety of pets are quite popular as the equipment used for their maintenance is easier to manage. As far as you follow a proper schedule of tank cleaning and feed the fishes the right food, cold water fishes don’t need much extra care or maintenance.

Type Of FishColdwater
MaintenanceLess Maintenance
EquipmentTank, Dechloriator, Filter
Best Coldwater Pet FishesGoldfish, Fancy Goldfish, Weather Loach


Tropical fish are one of the amazing pets you can tame. They are generally seen in beautiful shapes and shades, which makes them a lovely pick for aquariums.

The maintenance of these fishes can be slightly complex as they need filter and heater to keep up the temperature required for the fish and also to maintain the consistency in temperature. The tank also needs to be treated frequently to maintain its condition.

Type Of FishTropical
MaintenanceLittle Complex
EquipmentFilter, Heater and Tank
Best Tropical Pet FishesPlaty Fish, Cardinal Tetras, Danios, Mollies


Temperate fish is usually a great pick if it’s the first time you have chosen to pet fish. Generally quite vibrant, temperate fish doesn’t require any heater, which makes their equipment need quite simple when compared to other species of fish.

However, it is necessary to keep a check on the stability of the room temperature within the tank on track with the radiators and sunlight. A filter, fish friendly gravel and other lively plants are would be helpful in maintaining a better environment for the fish.

Type Of FishTemperate
EquipmentFilter, Fish friendly gravel, Lively plants and tank
Best Temperate Pet FishesWhite Cloud Mountain Minnows, Assorted Danios, Amano Shrimp

10 Best Fish Pets





Goldfish are available in different sizes and colours. Most of the people like and prefer the fancier type which has bubbly heads and tails that are fanned.

Goldfish is a good choice for beginners who possess an unheated aquarium. The temperature range preferred by this fish is 62-74 Fahrenheit.

Goldfish are usually messy eaters, so it’s always better to change the tank water by at least 10 per cent. It is also better to treat the water with dechlorinator.

Name Of The FishGoldfish
Life Expectancy5 to 10 years
AppearanceUsually Orange Gold color. Also available in Grayish White with Orange/Black or Olive Green spots on them.
FoodFlakes, Pellets and Peas (with shell removed)
Maintenance FactorMedium Maintainance
Water typeFreshwater Aquarium Fish

Bloodfin Tetras




With silver bodies and amazing red fins this a variety of small fish. These fishes are quite hardy fish. The lifespan of this fish goes up to 10 years in certain aquariums.

These fish varieties are absolutely active and usually on the move. The most suitable temperature for this variety is 64-82 degree Fahrenheit. It is classified as a peaceful fish which chooses to live in groups.

It is a beautiful picture to see this fish move across in groups in the aquarium. However, if your pet just one of this variety it could turn out to be shy.

Name Of The FishBloodfin Tetras
Life Expectancy10 years
AppearanceSilver bodies with Greenish Tone and Red fins
FoodWorms and Small insects such as silk worms, daphnia, brine shrimp etc…
Maintenance FactorEasy Maintenance in coldwater aquariums without heater in room temperature
Water TypeFreshwater Aquariums

White Cloud




A white cloud mountain minnow is a variety of small fish which tends to cope up with cold temperature. At many places, people tend to let this fish out in the outdoor ponds during summer. They have the capacity to tackle temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fish comes under hardy fish species and tends to prefer areas in the middle or top parts of the tank. It is also a fish which likes to live in a group.

Taming about 6 fishes or more will usually help in maintaining good health and colour of this fish. This fish can live up to 5 years if good care is given.

Name Of The FishWhite cloud
Life Expectancy5 years
AppearancePlain colored with upper part of its back yellowish brown. It has silver blue and golden stripes running across its body from eyes to tail
FoodSmall insects, worms, crustaceans and variety of zooplanktons
Maintenance FactorEasy Maintenance and it’s a less demanding fish
Water typeFreshwater and Coldwater fish





Danios are an amazing type of small fish. These fish are a good choice for the pick when setting up a tank for the first time. However, it is necessary to test the water before you start a tank.

As these fish are hardy variety they cope up good in different conditions and are a great first choice. Danios are tiny and active species and prefer to be located on the surface of the water in groups.

They generally have dark horizontal stripes running across their body and this pulls our attention as we look deep on the top. This species of fish is not among the picky eaters and eat flake fish food well.

Name Of The FishDanios
Life Expectancy2 to 5 years
AppearanceBright colored in blue, red, white yellow and silver with two long barbells which hang out of its mouth
FoodFlake variety foods and pellets suitable for small aquarium
Maintenance FactorQuite adaptable species. Monthly care is a must
Water TypeFreshwater

Black Molly




The black molly is a fish which is absolutely peaceful. This variety suits the best if you want to set up a community tank which comprises of various varieties of fish.

One major advantage of picking this fish as a pet is that it adapts to any type of water. Fresh, brackish or even salt water suits this variety. This lets you have little leeway as you set a new tank.

The best-suited temperature for this species is 70-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fish is a livebearer variety so if you pet a male and female pair, you are sure to increase their number with tiny tots from them. But Beware!!!! If there isn’t enough vegetation arranged within the tank for the little ones to hide, the adult fish tends to eat the young ones.

Name Of The FishBlack Molly
Life Expectancy3 to 5 years
AppearanceIt appears flat completely velvety black in color
FoodVeggies are essential. Blanched Zucchini medallions, peas with shell, cucumber medallions etc….
Maintenance FactorEasy maintenance with spacious tank and plenty of water
Water TypeFreshwater to brackish or marine

Black Skirt Tetra




The black skirt tetra is a peaceful species of fish which is good when maintained as a pair or in a bigger group. It is a great eater variety of hardy fish. It gobbles about any food which is prepared.

They usually swim in the mid part of the tank and do not like any “confrontations”. The tank may include rocks, plants and other items suitable for hiding for this type of fish.

Name Of The FishBlack skirt tetra
Life Expectancy3 to 5 years
AppearanceThe body is flat laterally with dark silver color body with three vertical stripes in black color
FoodNot a demanding fish on feed - any live, frozen or artificial food suits this fish. Preferably flakes or other feeds which lay on the surface of the water
Maintenance FactorEasy maintenance - Adapts well and quite undemanding fish
Water TypeFreshwater fish suitable in aquarium or rivers

Kuhli Loach




Kuhli loach is a great variety of eel-type fish which also belongs to the hardy fish type. It is a beautiful fish to pet as part of the tank.

It is a bottom dweller which is quite unique as it completely hides during the daylight. It could be spotted tunnelling beneath the gravel or hiding within a cave. It is advised to keep a hiding set up in the tank for this type of fish.

The wonderful fact of this fish is that it helps in the major task of cleaning the tank as it eats the spilt food at the bottom of the tank. But don’t miss!!! To serve some extra food, that drowns to the bottom of the tank for the fish to feel full.

Name Of The FishKuhli Loach
Life ExpectancyUp to 10 years
AppearancePinkish yellow color with about 12-17 stripes in dark shades. It also has about 3 pairs of barbells over its head and a dorsal quite close to its anal fin
FoodLive and frozen feed, variety of tablets, pellets and granules. Live feed- blood worm, brine shrimp, daphnia etc…
Maintenance FactorSimple and easy to care with frequent water renewal
Water TypeFreshwater fish





Platies are a good choice for people who are first timers for setting up a tank. There are many varieties of plates to choose from. They tend to be most comfortable in a community tank getting along with the rest of the passive fish.

Being a livebearer they reproduce young ones often. Sadly, the babies of these fish are eaten by the other fishes in the tank.

To get the beautiful unique variety of colours platies are bred in a selective manner. This gives us a wide variety to choose from. They are comfortable with any type of food flake or freeze-dried food. They in fact even consume any type of algae that creeps in the tank.

Name Of The FishPlaties
Life ExpectancyUp to 3 years
AppearanceWild platies appear drab and dull, however the aquarium breed is seen in variety of bright colors and patterns like red, orange, yellow, black, silver and green
FoodHealthy mix of vegetables and proteins especially algae. Live food such as mosquito larve, fruit flies etc…
Maintenance FactorWeekly maintenance is required. Tank must be densely filled with rocks, caves and hiding set ups
Water TypeTropical Freshwater fish





Swordtails are a variety which is kind of closely similar to that of platy.

The males in this species possess a fin which lengthy at the bottom and resemble a sword. This is a passive fish variety which throws brightness around the tank.

This is a long-lasting fish variety which is again a hardy fish which best suits first-time fish pet keepers. As there are different shades and colours, it gives us the good variety of choice to choose from for the tank.

Name Of The FishSwordtails
Life ExpectancyLess than 5 years
AppearanceWild swordtails appear drab green in color; however the aquarium type comes in variety of colors like, red, orange, tuxedo, spotted in gold, silver, neon albino etc…
FoodFlake food, algae, vegetation and live food such as worms, daphnia etc….
Maintenance FactorAquariums with swordtails need to be covered and a bit of salt must be added to the tank. Monthly maintenance is required
Water TypeFreshwater and Brackish water

Betta Fish




Are you looking for a bright flash and colour filled atmosphere in your tank??? Then stop!!!!! Betta fish is your right choice. The males of this fish have eye-catching bright long fins.

This fish is also known as Siamese fighting fish. This species tends to catch up the fight with rest of the bettas so it is always better to just keep one fish at a time in the tank.

This hardy type fish prefers flake food and pellets as food. As the male betta fish posses lengthy fins it is better to keep them away from pairing with other fishes which might pick at its fins.

Name Of The FishBetta
Life Expectancy2 to 3 years
AppearanceFamous for their jewel bright shades, fins that are spectacular and different variety of morph
FoodDried bloodworm, daphnia. Diet rich in protein and fiber
Maintenance FactorDaily check of water temperature and filter is must. Weekly check on water quality is also necessary
Water TypeTropical freshwater fish

Fish Vaccine

The immune system in fish functions just like mammals (innate & adaptive). Vaccinating your favorite pets is a must to keep them shiny and healthy.

Important aspects to note in fish vaccination:

  • Type of species
  • Level of immune system
  • Reproduction system and life history
  • Diseases desired to control
  • The time when these diseases are expected to infect
  • Farming methods
  • The environment of the fish
  • Stress aspects and diet

An ideal fish vaccine must be:

  • Provide sustained protection and immunization
  • Early bulk application
  • Effective for a large number of species
  • Safe and cost-effective
  • Easily available and produced
  • Stable and doesn’t affect the diagnosis of any other disease
  • Simple licensing process
  • Immunogenic
  • Efficient in the prevention

Fish Vaccine Types

  • Dead Vaccines
  • Live Vaccines

Methods of Fish Vaccination

  • Injection vaccination
  • Immersion Vaccination
  • Spray Vaccination
  • Oral Vaccination

Fish Pet Aquariums

Now that we have known so much about fish pets, it’s a deal to know a little about the aquariums we may require to tame these fishes in.

Two types of aquariums

  1. Coldwater aquarium
  2. Heated tank aquarium

Every aquarium has its own benefits and advantages. Each type may suit a particular type of fish species based on the temperature in the tank. Usually, heated aquariums give a wide variety of fish to choose from.

Cold Water Aquarium

A cold water aquarium helps to maintain the water temperature in the tank at room temperature. However, a filtration process is essential. A light fixed in the aquarium is advisable as it helps in the health of the fish.

Heated Freshwater Aquarium

Generally, many aquarists prefer this type of aquarium as it has a wide variety of fish to choose from. A tank which is of heated type lets us pick from the large variety of tropical fish. The temperature in it ranges from 72 to 82 degree Fahrenheit.

Interesting Fish Pet Facts

  • Fishes are on earth before even dinosaurs roamed in earth i.e. about 450 million years ago.
  • The number of fish species is more than the species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds all put together, about 25000 identified and 15000 unidentified.
  • 40% of the fish species are freshwater fishes although the earth has just less than 0.01% of freshwater.
  • Fishes Swim all of us know. But did you know fishes also can “Skip”, “Fly” and “Climb” !!!!
  • Tropical Fish are the most famous fish pets in the U.S.
  • Most of the tropical fish pets in the U.S are harvested in wild parts of Africa, Asia and Central & South America.
  • Pain!!! Yes, fishes do feel stress and pain like birds and mammals.

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