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How To Prevent Pet Theft? Most Stolen Dog Breeds

Pet Theft
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Theft is an unpardonable offence. And pet theft is a felony in the United States. You have succeeded countless times, left your doggie in the front seat of your car for a simple errand. But this time, you are in for a shock. Your pet is no more waiting in the car. It’s gone.

You are now one of the latest victims of an organized crime, the pet theft which happens due to economic fluctuations.

Why pet theft actually takes place?

  • One of the most popular victims is none other than purebred dogs. The Pedigree fetches thousands of dollars in the black market. In addition, designer breeds like Labradoodles are available for 50% asking price from a legal breeder.
  • In some cases, a pet is also stolen for reward purposes.
  • Unneutered pets are stolen for breeding activities.
  • In addition, dog fighting rings grab breeds that carry a heavy reputation as fighters- Boxers, German Shepherds, Boston Terriers, and Pit Bulls. Also, these fighting clubs also hijack cats as well.
  • In rare cases, vengeful neighbors will steal pets and dump them off somewhere unknown.
  • Finally, the Pet Safety and Protection Act 2011 prevents “Class B dealers” from selling pets to research labs.

Most Stolen Dog Breeds:

The concept of stealing a purebred is called “flipping.” The most likely targets include Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pomeranians, or Yorkshire Terriers. Other most commonly stolen dog breeds include French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier.

Simple Advice For Finding Stolen Or Lost Pets

  • First and foremost, a pet owner should immediately file a police complaint with their local sheriff’s office or local police. Especially, a police complaint can help when a suspect is arrested and also for a quick identification.
    Suppose, if government officials drag their feet in filing a complaint, remind them that the pet theft is a misdemeanour under the purview of all state laws.
    Therefore, the police have no choice other than taking action on your theft complaint. Inform the NCIC about your stolen pet and make them post it under the “ stolen article”.
  • Enquire the street or road where you believe your pet was stolen from.
  • Mostly, pets are kidnapped for money. To lure the pet thief, offer a reward. Notably, do not specify the amount.
  • Stick posters or have flyers in an important location from where you believe the pet was actually stolen. In all possibility, the pet thief walks through the area and can contact you for a reward.
  • Inform the media – local radio, television, or newspaper. To make it even more fruitful, distribute your pet’s photo to arouse sympathy.
  • Suppose, if someone does inform you that they have your or know your pet’s whereabouts, do not pay without physically verifying your pet.
  • There are cases where stolen pets were put for sale. Hence, check ad sites such as Craigslist or the local newspaper.

How to prevent pet theft?

  • At any cost, do not leave your pet alone or unattended for long.
  • Stop tieing your pet outside the store or restaurant.
  • Also, never leave your pet alone in a car.
  • Suppose if you have properly fenced area, remain vigil if it is accessible and visible from the street. Install closed circuit cameras for more security.
  • Always be alert while walking your pet; never remove the leash.
  • As a matter of fact, indoor cats have a better and healthier life.
  • Most importantly, get your pets neutered or spayed.
  • Never discuss the real worth of your pet with strangers or in new unknown locations.
  • Ensure that your pet always wears a microchip and a collar featuring tags.

The Bottomline

Overall, never support pet theft indirectly by buying pets without proper legal documents and a reputable breeder.

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