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Can Dogs Eat Ice cream? Risks And Reasons

Can Dogs Eat Ice cream
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Can Dogs Eat Ice cream? No, the reason why dogs should avoid eating ice creams include:

  • A dog’s body is not suited to digest any milk related products after their weaning stage.
  • Eating ice creams can cause vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas in dogs.
  • Due to the high sugar content in ice creams, it can cause unnecessary weight gain. The presence of xylitol in sweetener used in ice cream is highly toxic to dogs.
  • Certain flavors such as chocolate ice creams contain theobromine which can prove to be extremely dangerous.
  • Dogs suffering from dairy intolerance, diabetes, and obesity must not be fed with ice creams.


Reasons To Avoid Giving Ice creams To Your Dog



Lactose intolerance and Ice Cream

Yes, like humans, dogs can also be lactose intolerant too. Lactose intolerance happens because some dogs produce very minuscule amounts of lactase which in turn breaks down lactose.

Moreover, when excess lactose travels down the large intestine, it invites water causing diarrhoea.

Ice Cream and Food Allergies

Dairy products mainly contribute towards food allergies. In one study, dogs with allergies related to food have recurrent ear and skin infections.

Ice Cream and Obesity

Ice-cream is very high in sugar, fat, and calories and does not consist of any nutritional value.

According to experts, we don’t know for sure if pets too love sweets just like us. In reality, dogs are also prone to diabetes.

Different Types of Ice cream You Should Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Completely avoid any ice-cream that has raisins or grapes. Additionally, ice creams that contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener is also toxic for dogs.

Not to mention, xylitol can cause life-threatening consequences such as liver damage or liver disease.

Also, avoid ice creams that have plenty of macadamia nuts because they can cause terrific consequences.

Other Healthy Alternatives To Ice cream

  • Homemade frozen yogurts or unsweetened, plain yogurt contains low levels of lactose because it is fermented in the first place.
  • You can feed “ice cream-banana”, an ice cream made using frozen bananas. This ice cream variety is suitable for both dogs as well as humans. Never forget that moderation is mandatory.

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