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How To Clean Your Dog? 10 Useful Tips

Clean Your Dog
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Dogs are one of the most loved pets in almost every nation. Generally, dogs are cherished for their striking qualities like loyalty and alertness. However, dogs do possess some disavowals too. Canines are reprimanded by many for spreading germs at a rapid pace. Here are the 10 best ways to perfectly clean your dog and create a pet-friendly home.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

A dog owner should give regular baths to the dog. Use mild and good dog-friendly shampoo and wash him at least once in three weeks. Washing your canine regularly will prevent various undesired skin infections and other diseases.

It is important for the owner to make sure that his dog stays free of ticks and fleas. Regular washing of the pooch warrants the good health of both the family and the dog.

You can wipe off the muddy paws and legs with wet dog wipes before letting your dog inside. Always keep towels ready near your wash area to dry your pet’s paws after cleaning.

Scoop The Poop Safely

Cleaning up the dog’s anal area is essential to prevent skin irritation and poor hygiene. Improper handling or neglecting the fecal wastes of a dog will further the spread the parasitic worms and other bacteria.

It is mandatory for a dog owner to definitely use a scooper and gloves while cleaning the wastes and clean your dog.

Clean the anal area with lukewarm water and mild soap. You can use a wet cloth to wipe the area. Washing hands afterwards with a disinfectant is mandatory. Clear all the hair or fur lying on the floor.

Clean Your Dog's Ears Regularly

Clean your dog’s ears at least once a month. The spread of ear infections caused by the germs emanating from the dirt or wax of the dog could be avoided by regular cleaning of your dog.

The external portion of the dog’s ears should be cleaned first and then the internal parts with the ear cleaning solutions.

You can use over-the-counter ear cleaners or normal saline solutions. Consult your vet before indulging in this exercise.

Do not overclean as it may lead to irritation and infection of the ear canal.

Lint Rollers Can Be Used For Cleaning

Lint rollers will completely clean the hairs, dirt, or debris that could have fallen either from the dog’s body. This will really avoid the entry or existence of any bacteria or other germs in the house.

Use Good Grooming Tools

The grooming tools directly remove the hair of your dog prior to its shedding around the home. The spread of allergens around the home can be effectively avoided. Some of the grooming tools include combs, nail clippers, nail scissors, undercoat brush, slicker brush, etc.


Clean Your Dog's Food And Water Bowls Daily

It is paramount to know that the food and water bowls used by a dog will harbor various bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. Cleaning the vessels is another key exercise for a dog owner.

Clean the bowls with hot water and soap solution or a dish wash cleaner. It is necessary to avert the spread of dangerous bacteria and any foodborne illness.

Never wash dog food or water bowls with human dishes in the dishwasher. Always keep them away from the dishes your family uses. Wash your hands after you handle anything related to pets as it is a focus of health and protection.


Wash Your Dog's Bed To Eliminate Allergens

Dog owners must essentially clean the beds of their dogs regularly to avoid the spread of allergens from its body. Mild eco-friendly laundry detergents should be used to ensure that the beds become clean and pathogen-free.

Clean Your Dog's Toys

Dog owners should clean their dog’s toys regularly with mild soap solutions to avoid the spread of germs. If the toys cannot be washed, just trash them but never give the dirty toys to the dog.

Plush toys can be washed with hands under running water with the soap solution. The easiest way to clean is to fill warm water with a soap solution in a tub. Submerge the toys for 10 minutes and wash them off thoroughly.

Consult Your Vet If Your Dog Is Infested By Flea Or Ticks

Visit a vet if you notice any changes in your dog’s health after the tick bite. You may get advice about the anti-tick solution to be applied to the affected area.

Your vet may recommend blood tests depending on the scale of ticks to eliminate any possible infection.

However, home remedies could be tried out first to clean your dog. You can use vinegar or alcohol for cleaning.

Clean Up Your Home After Clean Up Your Pet

The use of good disinfectants becomes necessary to ensure that the environment is kept clean and germ-free. You can use vacuum cleaners or a lint roller. Even if your pet is a non-shedding one, you need to vacuum your home to prevent the spread of parasites and disease.


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