10 Ways To Clean Your Dog To Avoid Spread Of Germs

Clean Your Dog
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Dogs! Indeed they remain to be one of the most loved pets in almost every nation, isn’t it? Generally, the dogs get adored for its salient characteristics like trustworthiness and alertness. However, dogs do possess some negatives. Dogs also happen to get criticized by the masses that it is capable of spreading germs at a rapid pace. Delve into the best ways to correctly clean your dog and avoid the spread of germs and create a pet-friendly home.

To Maintain The Hygiene Of Your Dog, Clean Your Dog

A dog owner should give regular baths to the dog with a dog shampoo so that the occurrence of any disease to the dog could be avoided.

Likewise, it is necessary for the owner to make sure that the dog stays free of ticks and fleas. This step is important for a dog owner to ensure that both the health of his/her family and the dog is protected.

Scoop The Poop Safely

Cleaning up the dog is a key thing for every dog owner to follow. Improper handling or neglecting the fecal wastes of a dog will only further spread the parasitic worms and other bacteria.

It is mandatory for a dog owner to definitely use a scooper and gloves while cleaning the wastes and clean your dog. Thereafter, washing the hands is very mandatory. The dog’s hair or fur that is lying on the floor must be cleared since it will also spread germs.

Dog Ear Cleaning

Dog owners should definitely clean their dog’s ears at least once a week. It is important to maintain the health of both the dog and also that house’s inmates. The spread of ear infection caused by the germs emanating from the dirt or wax of the dog will be avoidable.

The external portion of the dog’s ears should be cleaned first and then the internal parts with the necessary ear cleaning solutions. It is better to consult a veterinarian before indulging in this exercise.

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Use Of Stain Removers

Use of good stain removers becomes necessary to ensure that the environment is kept clean and all germs are killed. Complete sanitation of the house should be undertaken for cleaning the mess, created by the dog each time.

Utilize Lint Rollers For Cleaning

Lint rollers will completely clean the hairs, dirt or debris that could have fallen either from the dog’s body or even from the housemates. This will really avoid the entry or existence of any bacteria or other germs in the house.

Apply The Grooming Tool

Grooming tool will directly remove the hair of your dog prior to its shedding around the home. The collected hair will be sucked up by this vacuum machine. The spread of allergens around the home due to your dog will, therefore, be effectively avoided.

Regular Cleaning Of Your Dog’s Eating And Water Bowls

It is paramount to know that the food and water bowls used by a dog will harbor various bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. Hence, it is important to understand that cleaning these bowls is one other key exercise for a dog owner.

The necessity of such cleaning lies in averting the spread of illness to the people in the house. Dog owners must buy a branded dish wash cleaner and properly clean the bowls of the dog. It is essential to avoid the spread of any infection.

Wash The Bed Of Your Dog To Eliminate Allergic Substances

Dog owners must essentially involve in cleaning the beds of their dog regularly to avert the spread of allergens from its body. Eco-friendly laundry detergent/s should be used to ensure that the beds become clean and risk-free from germs, bacteria, etc.

Cleaning The Toys Used by The Dog To Remain Free From The Allergens

Dog owners should clean their dog’s toys regularly, with eco-friendly dishwashing detergent to avoid the spread of allergens. In case if the toys cannot be washed, put them in the trash but not give it back to the dog.

Consult A Veterinarian If Your Dog Is Infested By Flea And Ticks

Visit a veterinarian and get his/her advice to apply the right flea/tick cream/solution on the affected area of your dog. This step will avert transmission of the virus from the dog to the other people in the house.

However, home remedies could be tried out first to clean your dog, like the use of vinegar and water for cleaning its body.

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