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10 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair – Vacuum Cleaners Of People’s Choice

Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

Are you ready to buy a vacuum cleaner for pets today? Then, this article will address all your concerns in this regard. Moreover, a pet can turn your good day precious and a bad day cool. But, the fact of the matter is pets shed a lot and there are no excuses about that.

Yes, having a cute chubby pet is a delightful and even life-altering experience for many.

Also, accumulated piles of pet hair can remain a pain sticking annoyance and for some, vacuuming rings a red bell. Not to mention, no active person will love to clean their house with an outdated cleaner.

To make your job very easy, we have listed 10 best vacuum cleaners for pets.


Bissell 9595A Vacuum Cleaner With Onepass

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 12.5 x 13.5 x 44 inches
Weight (lbs) - 15
Power Rating - 12 amps
Air Flow Indicator - No
Power Cord Length - 25'
Hose Length - 6'
Filtration-Multi - Level Filtration
Cleaning System - Multi-Cyclonic
Dirt Cup Capacity - 2.2 L
Pros and Cons
Very easy to assemble and a simple installation process
Foam tank filter looks amazingly efficient
Sturdy and strong 25-foot power cable
Fitted with a large dirt bin
Ergonomic design and weighs not more than 15 lbs
Offers strong suction
For bare floor customers, Bissell 9595 A may not be the right choice

Getting rid of unnecessary hair should not be a problem with this Bissell 9595A. Moreover, this cleaner consists of OnePass Technology featuring powerful suction.

In addition, the lightweight design makes it pretty easy for you to carry and push this machine.

Main features of Bissell 9595 A

  • Extension Wand – Yes, this vacuum cleaner features an extension wand in order to clean every area without any strain.
  • TurboBrush – Attached with a mini-rotating brush, Bissell 9595 A will work efficiently in removing dirt from upholstery too.
  • Multi-cyclonic system – The dating brush cleanly swipes your curtains, upholstery, and lamp shades.

Especially, the integrated crevice system will guide you to keep the place free of dirt and debris.


Hoover T-Series Vacuum Cleaner (Wind Tunnel)

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 13.8 x 11.2 x 34.2 inches
Weight (lbs) - 16.5 Lbs
Power Rating - 12 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 27’
Hose Length - 8’
Filtration - HEPA
Cleaning System - Wind Tunnel Technology
Dirt Cup Capacity - NA
Floor cleaning - Bagless, Bare Floor Cleaning, Carpet
Pros and Cons
Does not create a loud noise during cleaning
Very durable construction
Quite easy to clean
User-friendly design
Contains no bags
Unique cord rewind
Good suction capacity
The length of the extension pipe is very short
Plastic parts are prone to damage and can break easily without proper care

If you are suffering from space issues, this Hoover could well remain the one that can meet your budget and requirement.

In fact, this vacuum cleaner comes attached with an automatic cable and a folding handle.  Besides, weighing not more than 18 lbs, Hoover T- Series produces maximum output using little effort.

Features of Hoover T -Series

  • Bright-Lit System Indicator – The built-in indicator will show the exact time as to when you should change the filters.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology – This machine contains a crevice tool that blows tight spots and the hand tool removes pet hair.
  •  25 Foot Cable Rewind – Lightly tap the pedal and use the cable rewind while you clean the floors.
  • 5-Point adjustment systems – The height of this vacuum cleaner adjusts up to different 5 positions.

Therefore, it becomes very easy for people having the different height to use this system smoothly.


Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches (H x W x D)
Weight (lbs) - 17.1 lbs
Power Rating - 11.67 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 35’
Hose Length - 15.4’
Filtration - HEPA
Cleaning System - Radial Root Cyclone Technology
Dirt Cup Capacity - NA
Floor cleaning - Pet Hair, All Floor Types, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning
Pros and Cons
Ball technology provides more mobility and still cleans awkward areas
Certified filtration system from Allergy Standards Limited
With epicyclic floor head and strong suction, Dyson Ball Animal 2 removes matted hair effortlessly.
Tangle-free turbine and carbon made turbine head for upholstery, cars, and stairs.
Efficient filtration and powerful suction
Performs well on hard floors and carpets
Relatively heavy and expensive compared to other cleaners

One of the latest from Dyson, Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright features the best suction amongst all vacuum cleaners.

Features of Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright

  • Tangle-free tool – This vacuum cleaner features a very powerful tool that easily removes hair with minimum effort.
  • Best in class suction – Dyson Ball Animal 2 is regarded by many as the one with the best suction amongst all vacuum cleaners. In addition, this vacuum cleaner can offer more power for more tough jobs.
  • HEPA filtration – With this technology, all the bacteria and allergens are trapped and captured with ease.
  • One button empty – You can hygienically empty the trash with just a push of a switch.


New Miele C3 Vacuum Cleaner

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 19.5 x 11.2 x 8.9 inches
Weight (lbs) - 19.4
Power Rating - 11.67 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 35’
Hose Length - 15.4’
Filtration - AirClean filtration system
Cleaning System - NA
Dirt Cup Capacity - NA
Floor cleaning - Pet Hair, All Floor Types, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
Excellent design
Delivers long-term reliable performance
Very intelligently built to adjust to cleaning task
Built to work on all types of floors
Robust silent motor
In general, if you are working on a shoe-string then this vacuum cleaner may not be your best bet.

A top contender, New Miele C3 is the best choice for people with large floor area. In addition, it’s best suited for those families that need deep to medium pile carpeting.

Features of New Miele C3

  • Speed settings – In fact, this vacuum’s power can match the real surface you are working on. Additionally, the speed controls can be easily accessed using just your feet. Also, some of the other accessories include a crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, and a dating brush.
  • Parquet Twister – This Miele C3 vacuum cleaner can move at 180 degrees. Additionally, the AirClean filtration mechanism has the capacity to clean 99% of pet hair, dust and other tiny specs.
  • Electrobrush – New Miele C3 contains a patented brush that will definitely work on every surface including smooth and high-pile carpeting.


Shark Rotator NV 752

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches
Weight (lbs) - 15.4
Power Rating - 9.2 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 30’
Hose Length - 15.4’
Filtration - HEPA
Cleaning System - DuoClean Technology
Dirt Cup Capacity - 1.5 dry quarts
Floor cleaning - Hard floors, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
Features brilliant LED lights that catches every single dust bunnies and pet hair
In-built large dust filling container
With a powered lift away mechanism, you can easily remove them (canister) from the vacuum cleaner
Best in class HEPA filtration
Affordable and cheaper than the famous Dyson DC65
In fact, this cleaner is much heavier than its counterparts.
Generally speaking, if you are not careful while cleaning you can trip over
Dyson’s swivel feature works much better than Shark NV 752
Besides, this cleaner costs more than USD $ 300.

Maybe Shark can name this vacuum cleaner with an alternative name, but quality wise they are way up with Dyson Animal 2.

Features of Shark Rotator NV 752

  • Fingertip controls – All the controls are accessible with a single touch and are placed in the most convenient spot. Not to mention, quick change between carpet mode and hard floor.
  • HEPA filtration – Especially, this Shark rotator NV 752 consists of sealed HEPA superior filtration technology for optimum cleaning.
  • Hard floor cleaning made easy – The NV 752 Hard Floor Hero extra attachment cleans stuck-on debris and surface litter.
  • Pet-Multi Tool and Mini Motorized Brush – The Pet-Multi Tool and Mini Motorised Brush are available for cleaning for different surfaces.
  • Special technology – As a matter of fact, Shark Rotator NV 752 contains anti-allergen seal technology and a supercool HEPA filter.


Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 42 x 15 x 13 inches (H x W x D)
Weight (lbs) - 17.4
Power Rating - 10 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 35’
Hose Length - NA
Filtration - HEPA Media
Cleaning System - Radial Root Cyclone technology
Dirt Cup Capacity - 0.225 gallons
Floor cleaning - Hard floors, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
Can suck around 25% extra dust
Big cord means reaching previously inaccessible areas effortlessly
Moreover, the self-adjusting plate increases contact for more vacuuming
Due to its streamlined profile, Dyson DC65 easily fits into very tight spaces
Equally important, while the machine’s cleaner head performs well, it’s a bit wider to other models.

Firstly, this Dyson DC65 belongs to a different class. Specifically, Dyson DC65 uses a distinct brush bar and Radial Root Cyclone Mechanism for best results. Overall, it can clean different types efficiently.

 Features of Dyson DC65

  • Maximum Suction Technology – This vacuum cleaner features powerful airflow efficiency to maintain air pressure and to reduce suction power. Therefore, by design, allows the inner compartments to collect microscopic dust particles. Not to mention, the presence of integrated vortex fingers supports more suction.
  • Newly designed Brush Bar – The newly designed brush bar raises the ridge which holds the bristles. In contrast, the bristles are much shorter and stiffer. Therefore, this means you can spend more time cleaning rather than worrying about the machine’s efficiency. As a matter of fact, the new head has done away with a protruding design.
  • Dyson Ball Technology – Being very maneuverable, this vacuum promises to handle daily grind with ease. In order to do this, the Dyson DC65 employs self-managing cleaner head by blending it with Radial Root Cyclone mechanism. To sum up, these two features performs splendidly to arrest suction in places across carpets and hard floors.


Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 13 x 11.5 x 20 inches (H x W x D)
Weight (lbs) - 11.6
Power Rating - 12 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 21’
Hose Length - 8’
Filtration - HEPA
Cleaning System - Cyclonic system
Dirt Cup Capacity - 0.3 gallon
Floor cleaning - Hard floors, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
The canister appears very easy to clean
The filter requires constant replacement and it’s quite expensive
Very short power cord
Again, the Electrolux needs almost four passes to remove all the dust
The recorded noise level stands at 82 dB, at least 10 dB more than other cleaners

The problem is….

In Dyson, the hair gets accumulated near the head and also at times, near the entry points. Moreover, this canister model performs on various floor types with different degree of delicate performance.

Besides, the Electrolux UltraFlex sucks pet hair with ease and contains a sophisticated suction. In addition, this looks super easy to manage around stairs and furniture.

Features of Electrolux

  • Lack of sound – It’s a boon for very late night cleaners since Electrolux is much quieter than other models.
  • Anti-allergenic – With inbuilt HEPA filtration, this canister absorbs around 99% of irritants, allergens, and dust. Additionally, the filter looks easily washable and you save money on replacements.
  • Self-cleaning brush-roll – Fortunately, the Electrolux’s brush-roll manages to auto-clean by removing hair residues.
  • Strong suction power – In case, if you wish to clear a brittle surface, then the cyclonic suction can adjust power accordingly.
  • Very easy to manage – Large rear wheels facilitate easy movement and with a small head, they perform well on stairs. Significantly, the dust can is positioned in such a way that emptying looks damn simple.
  • Versatile and all-around cleaner – Firstly, canister vacs are mainly used by individuals with super hardwood homes. Also, the Electrolux performs well on plush carpets. Not to mention, this vacuum cleaner is fitted with 3-level height variation and on/off brush roll.


Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaner-Corded

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 20.4 x 13.7 x 15.7 inches (H x W x D)
Weight (lbs) - 13.84
Power Rating - 7.7 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 21’
Hose Length - 8’
Filtration - HEPA
Cleaning System - Two-Tier Radial Cyclones
Dirt Cup Capacity - 0.2 gallon
Floor cleaning - Hard floors, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
One can easily clean the dustbin
Features very strong suction capacity
Extension of the hose is a major plus point
Easy maneuverability
Excellent vacuuming experience
Lack of accessories when compared with other cleaners
On plush carpet, the suction can even damage your carpet if not used properly

This Dyson contains everything you would look for in a pet hair cleaner. Of course, this compact vacuum cleaner is very simple to use. On the other hand, the size does not reduce its performance in any way.

As a matter of fact, this powerful vacuum cleaner has one of the best suction performances of any corded cleaner.

Features of Dyson Small Ball – Corded Vacuum Cleaner

  • Advanced auto-adjusting cleaner – You can easily attune the head of the cleaner with your specific needs. Besides, the wand, hose, and the cable extend nearly 12.8 meters for more reach. In fact, you can discharge the bin at a button press.
  • Two Tier Radial Cyclones – Moreover, when we discuss this cleaner’s incredible performance, we mean this. This vacuum cleaner features 19 cyclones to power airflow and collects even the finest dust and hair particle. With the Ball technology, the machine cleans even hard to touch areas.
  • Saves storage space – Generally speaking, Dyson’s size ensures that it occupies very less space. It weighs not more than 14.55 lbs.


Hoover WindTunnel Max

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 16 x 12 x 32 inches
Weight (lbs) - 22
Power Rating - 12 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - 40’
Hose Length - NA
Filtration - HEPA Media
Cleaning System - Cyclonic technology
Dirt Cup Capacity - NA
Floor cleaning - Hard floors, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
Very quiet performance
Super-good suction
Supports a range of accessories
One of the best-in-class big dirt can
Well-designed cleaning head
Suitable for various or different surfaces
When it comes to maneuverability, this Hoover WindTunnel Max sucks.

Indeed, the Hoover WindTunnel showcases an innovative design. Not to mention, the presence of three channels enables you to get rid of dust with ease.

 Features of Hoover WindTunnel Max

  • Automatic cord rewind – The 8-meter cord rewinds at a simple touch. In addition, the 12-inch crevice and telescoping wand blend well to enable you to clean pet hair particles from cracks. Overall, the pet static mechanism, dusting brush, and pet turbo tool will increase the cleaner’s efficiency and usability.
  • Seven-floor settings – This cleaner redefines all-around It comes with an adjustable nozzle. Therefore, you can use this nozzle to clean all your car seats, carpet, furniture, and kitchen tiles.
  • Multi-cyclonic technology – The Hoover boasts a magnificent 12 cyclonic technology that separates dirt consistently. In general, this cleaner collects dust to its full capacity. To sum up, this cleaner appears the best choice for vacuuming large areas.


Dyson V8 Animal

Key Specifications
Dimensions - 8.2 x 9.8 x 49 inches
Weight (lbs) - 5.64
Power Rating - 22.8 amps
Air Flow Indicator - NA
Power Cord Length - NA
Hose Length - NA
Filtration - HEPA
Cleaning System - 2 Tier Radial cyclones technology
Dirt Cup Capacity - 0.15 gallons
Floor cleaning - Hard floors, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and all floors
Pros and Cons
Cheaper than Dyson V10
Superb suction
Maneuverable and lightweight
Compared to Dyson V8 Animal, Dyson V10 works well
Some parts appear very flimsy
Lacks direct-drive hard brush

Firstly, not as versatile as other Dyson products but definitely worth buying. In general, Dyson V8 Animal is not that much powerful or durable than V10 because it’s much lighter.

Features of Dyson V8 Animal

  • Powerful machine – The outstanding V8 is an upgraded version of the previous V6 model.
  • Battery –  With long battery life and one of the well-rated cordless vacuum for pet hair, Dyson V8 Animal looks promising. Interestingly, the Dyson V8 Animal can last up to 40-45 mins and that too on a single continuous charge.
  • Sound Mini-motor -The mini motorized system also ensures supports maximum hair pickup on stairs or sofas. In addition, the V8’s whole machine filtration controls dander re-emission very efficiently.

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