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Dog Puns – The Pawsome And Pawful Dogalogues

Dog Puns
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Welcome to Dog Puntland where life is ruff when it comes to doggone puns! They are pawsome and pawful all at once; sometimes pawsitively make you howl.

If you’re a dog lover and a word nerd like we are, dog puns can come in many different forms by which you can bring your pup into every conversation.

They can be simple or side-splitting punny jokes and may even come in the form of memes.

Then what about those who don’t love furry friends? Never mind, they are Re-pug-nants.

There are lots of everyday conversations and phrases that can turn into dog puns.

After all, many studies reveal the pawsitive effect that puns have on our wellbeing and they have the ability to lift our mood.

Venture out, with your brand new pup puns. Amaze all the good dogs on your street with your dogalogue. (This is an imperfect statement — we all know that all dogs are good dogs.)

Basic Guide To Dog Puns

Well, that sounds quite pawesome!

We already do it unknowingly, let’s take a look at the basic guide to dog puns.

For starters, take a regular word and just replace it with a dog-related word anywhere appropriate or even inappropriate, for that matter.

For example:

  • Awesome = pawsome.
  • Awful = pawful
  • Fortunately = Furtunately.

Got the idea? Great!

You’ll find many of the dog puns particularly amusing. From the silly to the downright hilarious, there are zillions of dog puns now adorn the fabulous and deep world of pun-filled doggo world.

How to find Modern Dog Magazine?  Their headlines read “Pup-tacular Dog Finds.” Shopping? Check out “Pawty Box” or the “Furminator.” Pup yeah, even Google’s in on the dog word games with their article, fetching the Latest in Dog Trends.

In the world of dog puns, there is no dog breed that is off limits, even saints such as Saint Bernards. So, if you think that your dog is being overlooked or missed out, oh my pugness, no way!

The funniest dog breed should be the one and only Chi-ha-ha, but the Maltipoos and grinchy griffons always seem to come up short. Take your time to pronounce Xoloitzcuintli.

Labracadabra !!! Snowing outside, dogs love it and you can always see a Dachshund dashing through the snow. But the coldness can get them down and some may feel melon Collie or pupsicled.

This is particularly true for the Golden Retreater. But, the Boxer can fight it. Better steer clear- unless you want to get frostbite. Obviously, you cannot disregard Dracula’s favorite breed; the Bloodhound!

Dog Puns For Different Occasions

It’s really sad that our pups aren’t able to read or understand these puns.

Just to get you started…..

 1. When you have some good news…

  • P’awww…
  • How a-dog-able!
  • Paw yeah!
  • That’s pawsome!
  • Fur sure!

2. In your office…

  • Just another day at the paw-ffice
  • My dog got promoted. He’s now a branch manager.
  • Is it FriYAY yet?
  • It’s pupmost a ruff week.
  • He got a trans-fur-mation.

3. When getting together with other dog lovers and during holidays…

  • Flurry of borks
  • “Merry Woofmas”, Happy HOWL-o-ween!, “Happy Howlidays!”
  • Halloween? Who’s ready for bone-fide fun!
  • We’re thankful fur our friends.
  • I am pupset … I puppologize.   

4. Basic terminology of the doggo-verse

  • There are tiny yappers to a wee puppers and also an average-sized doggos
  • Long bois, smol bois, thick bois, floofers, fluffers to the biggest woofersand  
  • When they stick out their tongues, they’re doing blep, a blop or a mlem.
  • Dingo anatomy- dingers, doinger, dunger, dengerinos, bingo, danglers ( do you need explanations…contact us…happy to help)

5. When watching a movie…

  • I am watching where beagles dare, pup fiction, Sherlock Bones, Star paws, Jurassic bark…Over to you
  • Who’s having the pup-peroni pizza? or some pupcorn and maltesers
  • Let’s have pugkin spiced latte

6. When rooting someone on or cheering someone up…

  • Love you furry much!
  • It’s paw-ssible! You’re pawtastic!
  • You’re rebarkable!
  • I’m mutts about you.
  • Had a bad day? Just pug-get about it.

7. When expressing gratitude or appreciation…

  • Making it barkworthy!
  • Thanks furry much!
  • Howling it from the wooftops!

8. When in resturant…

  • Their sure favorite is woofles for breakfast
  • Bone-appetite!
  • Who wants a pupsicle?
  • What about a bark-B-Q

9. Expressing friendship…

  • Fur-iends through thick and thin
  • We have the ulti-mutt friendship.

10. When going on a vacation …

  • Spring break..pugboat
  • EmBARKing on a new journey.
  • Getting a new LEASH on life!
  • The only vacation’s I take are pup-cations!

Dog Breed Puns

Poodle Puns

  • Let’s poodle together
  • What about the puddle match?
  • My Poooodel is very punny
  • He made a shaw in a kibble tv for a puddle
  • You bark up with the poodlites
  • What a mind poodling sniff!

Dalmatian Puns

  • My doll may shunt in
  • He’s an undercover dull-mate-on-duty
  • You cannot miss the oppawtunity with your Dulmattian
  • My monthly dalmation to that home 
  • It’s a shaggy-waggy furmation

Bulldog Puns

  • Everyone yowl with the bully
  • The bull-locks arrive with under-collar
  • Its mind bullying!
  • What a bull’s day of work!
  • The para-pet sound of a bully
  • That’s utterly-mutterly bullyish

These are just starters for you and now start exploring the world of dog punnology. Whether you hit it off with fellow dog lovers, are trying to impress your significant other, or simply break the ice, just give it a go! Dog puns work well for any occasion.

Even if they look too cheesy, we’re positive that you’ll get a smile or two! Perhaps even a friendly jab? But it is surely worth risking.

What are your favorites?

Please comment, we would love to hear from you.

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