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Top 5 Most Playful And Super Fun Dog Breeds

Fun Dog Breeds
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In a world muddled with inequities of human behavior, having a pet— especially a dog—could be extremely therapeutic.

We have all grown up hearing: the dog is a man’s best friend. However, do we know enough about them? Each breed of dog has its distinct characteristic which makes them special.

While some dogs like to swim around, others prefer being relatively less mobile. Besides, before getting a dog it is beneficial if you get to know a bit about them and check if your lifestyle is conducive enough to adopt these cuddly angels.

Here’s a list of 5 super fun dog breeds you can adopt and how you can take care of them.

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If you are looking for easy-going dogs, pugs can be your find. They are mostly happy always. It doesn’t matter if you adopt them in a pack or singly. They will fill you with all the love, but pugs can be mischievous too. Thus, get ready to handle this feisty friend.

Feeding your pug with correct proportions can make a lot of difference as they don’t have a high activity level. If they aren’t exercised properly, they can become less active.

A solid 15 minutes of exercise, or even playing with your pug can keep them engaged physically and mentally. Training them for some basic orders is like a walk in the park as they are eager to please you.


Beagles are small, active, and extremely loving dogs. They have beautiful eyes and the cutest nose you have ever witnessed. They will give you all the love you need, but remember a few things about them.

Primarily they are hunting dogs, and so they need some time to acclimatize and require specific training techniques. If you want to have a spontaneous companion by your side, beagles can be your pick.

Care for her as much as you would care for your toddler. Shutting doors when you aren’t around, getting her along with you should be done initially to save her from trouble.

Besides, brush her coat once a week, and her teeth thrice a week at least. Give her a consistent diet and steer clear from people’s food. However, she might need to go through a few medical tests and procedures throughout her life.

Insurance can be of great help. If you are wondering: what does a pet health insurance cover, then do your research from well-reputed sources.

Golden Retriever

The magnificent Scottish gun-dog can make your heart skip a beat by the elegant coat of gold fur they have. Their welcoming and friendly eyes, straight muzzle, short ears, set them apart.

They are obedient and can help you do a lot of work, but can amuse you with their trustworthy and happy approach to life.

Golden retrievers like any other dogs take time to adjust to the new environment, so make sure you puppy proof your apartment before getting him.

A separate crate for your dog can help him sleep in a place which only his. Besides, don’t pet him on his face, or even his head initially, as they don’t like it much.

Give them high-quality dry food, and plan their portions according to the weight and age of your dog.


Poodles are known for their intelligence. They are super friendly, and comfortable with families. They live an active life mostly. Initially, they may have problems in socializing, but they aren’t violent.

They are a non-shedding breed and that’s good for people with allergies, however, their coat is curly and so you need to brush them regularly. Besides, they take little time for training.

They are good at picking up basic training but can do advanced training like hunt, chase, etc.


More often than not you may hear that Chihuahuas are yappy. However, it is the only untrained ones who behave in this manner.

They have a regal personality and so it takes some time to adjust to human livelihood. Once they get trained adequately, they are a delight to be around.

During the initial years, these dogs should be kept cautiously if a youngster is around. As they grow up, be mindful of their exercise limits.

A brisk walk is always good but never overdo it by making a jump around a height more than 2 feet. Keep them away from the outdoors during extreme hot or cold weather.

They can escape very quickly so never leave them off the leash if they are outside.

Dogs are a delight to be with and can bring unparalleled happiness to an otherwise dull life. However, if you are signing up for petting them, don’t escape your responsibilities.

They are their happiest when you show them care as well, for what’s better than that?

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