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Malassezia Dermatitis In Cats And Dogs – Signs And Treatments

Malassezia Dermatitis In Cats And Dogs
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What Is Malassezia Dermatitis?

Malassezia dermatitis is a health condition linked to rising numbers of Malassezia yeasts. This causes pruritus and dermatitis.

Main factors for pathogenicity and Malassezia propagation include increased temperature and humidity. Immune dysfunction, sebum quality and quantity, and skin trauma also have roles.

In canines, the condition includes seborrheic conditions, hypothyroidism, endocrinopathies, and fleabite hypersensitivity.

In felines, it includes paraneoplastic syndrome, neoplasia, and diabetes mellitus. It also associates feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus.

Signs Of Malassezia Dermatitis

1. Dogs

In canines, this condition is mostly generalized and localized. The signs of these conditions include greasy exudation, scaling, or erythema.

Hyperpigmentation and lichenification also develop. Pruritus is present and it can lead to excoriations and traumatic alopecia. Nail fold inflammation can also occur. The brown discoloration of the adjacent claw is visible in this condition.

2. Cats

This yeast condition is not a common condition found in cats. It consists of the accumulation of brownish scales, hypotrichosis, erythema, and seborrhea oleosa.
Devon Rex and the hairless Sphynx appearĀ susceptible to this condition. The symptom shows greasy exudates.
Malassezia yeasts are common in Persian cats. Neoplasia, metabolic and endocrine diseases, and cutaneous disease are also present.

How Malassezia Dermatitis Is Diagnosed ?

The diagnosis is based on cytology and clinical signs. The yeast can be discovered on the cytologic exam.

The type of skin and location of lesions decide the quality of sample collection. Swabs or impression smears are used for lesions.

For drier lesions, acetate tape is the number one choice.

Treatment For Malassezia Dermatitis

Tropical therapy is prescribed for generalized or focal Malassezia dermatitis. Shampoo your pet once or twice a week.

Wipes, lotions, creams, and sprays are prescribed once every 12 to 24 hours.

For recurrent patients with this condition, an intradermal test will be performed.

The Bottomline

The treatment for Malassezia dermatitis is really promising.

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