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The 10 Most Preferred Airlines For Traveling With Dogs

The 10 Most Preferred Airlines for Traveling With Dogs
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Dog’s are man’s best friend. Being able to travel with your purr-fect pet is a blessing in disguise. If you are traveling one state over or cross-country, it’s a hard decision to put your pet in the cargo.

According to a survey, the most common animal to travel was, by and large, canines.

Around 78 percent of travelers preferred to bring in their pet. If you want to fly with your furry friend, check out these 10 best airlines for traveling with a dog.

Delta Airlines

The top spot goes to this uber cool airlines.

Why Delta Air Lines holds the number one spot?

  • Delta Air Lines allows dogs or cats to be taken inside the cabin or as cargo.
  • The rules may vary depending on the destination you are traveling.
  • For travelers flying into Canada and also domestic flight passengers, no pet should be less than 70 days of age.
  • The cost of travel is around $125 USD. They should fit in a destined compartment that’s located under the seat.
  • Pets traveling to Europe should not be less than 105 days of age. The cost is around $200 USD per pet.
  • For travelers flying into Brazil, it costs around $75 USD.
  • Passengers traveling to America should carry pets that are more than 16 weeks old.
  • Some of the destinations where pets are not allowed include the UK, Jamaica, Barbados, and Australia.

American Airlines

  • The world’s largest fleet includes an extra condition for flying pets.
  • All pets should be older than 56 days at the time of travel.
  • The pets will not be allowed on board if the travel time exceeds 12 hours.
  • In the months of summer, the American Airlines restricts travel to hot destinations like Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Tucson, or Phoenix.
  • The cost of traveling is around $125 USD each way.
  • Pets are allowed to travel with their owners or as cargo on North American trips. Other pet-friendly routes include Columbia, Central America, and the Caribbean.
  • The pet carriers can be no larger than 19 x 13 x 9 inches. The maximum weight should not exceed 20 lbs.

Southwest Airlines

  • Pets are permitted as carry-ons in Southwest Airlines. They should be more than 56 days of age.
  • The cost of traveling with a pet is $95 USD. The pet should fit in a carrier no larger than 13.5 x 8.5 x 18.5 inches.
  • This is the second best-traveling charge collected by an Airline for a pet.

Alaska Airlines

The pet should be older than 56 days at the time of travel in Alaska Airlines.

The cost is $100 USD for traveling in the cabin or as cargo.

All pets should fit in a designated carrier. There are two types of carriers allowed.




Soft-sided carriers should not exceed 9.5 x 11 x 17 inches while hard-shelled carriers are allowed if they are within 7.5 x 11 x 17 inches.

United Airlines

  • The United Airlines policies are quite strict.
  • It carries pets on specific routes. Destinations like Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia are pet-free trips.
  • Pets can fly in the cabin or as cargo for $125 USD one way.
  • Soft-sided containers can’t exceed 18 x 11 x 11 inches.
  • Hard-sided containers should be within 17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches.
  • For those dog lovers who own a bulldog, boxer, or a pug, this is the best airline to fly them as cargo.

Frontier Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines allows pets on both domestic routes and international flights to and from the Mexico and Dominican Republic.
  • It does not allow pets to fly as cargos. They are permitted only in the cabin.
  • The cost is $75 USD per pet.
  • Approved pet containers must be no larger than 8 x 14 x 18 inches.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue allows travelers to carry pets on many routes. Some of the pet-free destinations include Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and Jamaica.

This airline does not allow pets to be put in the cargo.

The cost of travel is $125 USD one way.

The ideal pet container size is 17 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches and not heavier than 20 lbs.




Jet Blue allows passengers to reserve for their pet online. They award travelers with extra bonus for flying with a pet.

Allegiant Airlines

  • The cost to travel with your pet is $100 USD.
  • They allow pets only in the cabin and not as cargo.  The pet carrier should be within 19 x 16 x 9 inches.
  • Allegiant Airlines have not set any age or weight limit for pets.
  • This is the one and only American airline to allow unaccompanied minors under 15 years of age to travel with a pet.

Hawaiian Airlines

  • Hawaiian Airlines has stringent policies in place. They do not allow dogs to fly as cargo on all inter-island flights.
  • All flights that fly from Honolulu to America’s JFK airport are pet-free.
  • Inter-island travelers with pets should pay a fee of $35 USD. The approved carrier size is 16 x 10 x 9.5 inches.
  • The weight should not exceed 25 lbs.
  • The cost to travel with your pet outside Hawaii is $175 USD.
  • Authorities quarantine incoming pets if the rules haven’t been followed.
  • Pets flying outside are subject to lesser restrictions.

Spirit Airlines

  • Spirit Airlines permit travelers on local flights if the pets are more than 56 days of age.
  • They allow pets in the cabin.
  • The travel fee is $110 USD one way. The approved pet carrier should be of size 18 x 14 x 9 inches. It doesn’t allow pets heavier than 40 lbs.
  • This is the most weight and size permission granted by an American carrier.

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