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Top 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds That Are Greatly Lovable

Dumbest Dog Breeds
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Do “Dumb Dogs” really exist? Are dumb dogs the dog breeds that cannot make sounds?. Yes, dumb dogs do exist in the world. But, why are they called “Dumb Dogs”?

Here, the word ‘dumb’ does not relate to the ability to make noises to communicate. Almost all dogs can speak with you in their own language. But, each and every dog breed differ in personality and intelligence.

You may have questions like – Why some dog breeds are categorized as the dumbest? and How this breed differs from others?

Let’s decode the answers relating to the doubts.

What Are Dumb Dogs? 

If your dog is stubborn, cool, uninterested and not giving a proper response to the training you provide, you can call him a “Dumb Dog”.

How Dumb Are Dogs?

You must understand that every dog has unique skills and abilities. Also, the intelligence level of each dog varies.

So, you should not come to the conclusion that dumb dogs won’t do any tasks and you cannot train these dogs.

How Dumb Dogs Differ From Other Breeds?

Dumb dogs differ from other breeds in the following ways:

  • They won’t look at you and they will look down.
  • These dogs are neither interested to listen to the instructions nor want to please their masters.
  • Dumb dogs may respond slowly to your instructions sometimes.
  • These dogs are more interested to track with their noses.

However, these dogs are talented in certain skills by nature. They want to be independent and take self-decisions.

We have classified the dumbest dog breeds based on a few traits and the way and behavior of response to the training. But, each breed is skilled in his own ways.

Let’s analyze what traits make these dumb dogs differ from other breeds.

Dumbest Dog Breeds Video

Afghan Hound

According to a book named “The Intelligent of Dogs”, Afghan Hound stands to top the list of dumbest dog breeds.

Why is Afghan Hound a dumb dog?

Afghan hounds are generally independent. Dignity and aloofness are the common traits of this dog.

He is not suitable for all dog owners due to his unfriendly and reserved nature. But, if you train him positively, he will be a good loyal friend to you.

Also, Afghan hound does not suit all environments even to a new home.


Positive note

Even though Afghan hound stands high in the dumb dog list, he is a fast hunter by nature and a good companion dog.

Chow Chow

Chow chow is an independent, unfriendly and serious dog. He is stubborn and takes in charge of himself, which will be a challenge to his master.

Because of these traits, Chow chow is a dumb dog and it takes your efforts to train him.

You should provide early socialization training from his young age for adaptability and well manners. You must be patient with him while you train him and ensure your training is positive and consistent.


Positive note

Chow chow is intelligent in certain ways and behaves well with children. He is a great guard dog as well.


Like Afghan Hound, Basenji also belongs to “Hound” group. Independence and aloofness are the common traits of Hound breed.

Why is Basenji a dumb dog?

Basenji is a dumb dog as he is not obedient always and stubborn at times. Basenji generally has cat-like qualities and people feel a bit difficult to train.

You need to provide positive, reward-based training to this breed.

Don’t train him for a long time. A 5 to a 10-minute training session is enough for him.


Remarkable Qualities

Basenji is a curious and playful breed. He is a natural hunter. He is also a good watchdog for your family.


Mastiff has a stubborn and independent nature. Mastiffs have unwilling nature to listen to the master’s commands as well. So, you should be careful in your training to him.

So, it is must to provide early socialization and obedience training to this breed. But he is a fast learner and a pleasing pet. You should not repeat your instructions and don’t train him for long periods.

Also, you should be a strong and gentle master to him. Encouragement and positive training will suit him best. He simply needs love and respect from your end.


Remarkable Qualities

Mastiffs are brave and strong dogs. They prove to be great guard dogs and good family pets as well.


People categorize Bulldog as a dumb dog due to his stubborn nature. Bulldogs become lazy while they grow. Also, Bulldogs won’t easily grasp your instructions.

Though bulldog pleases his owner, he has a tendency to chew everything. So, you should train bulldogs from his young age to get rid of unwanted behaviors.

You should also repeat your instructions to this breed.


Positive traits

Bulldog is brave, friendly and affectionate with people. So, he is a great family dog and adapts to any environment.


It is an independent and dominating dog and that’s why he is a dumb dog. Pekingese has nipping behavior as well. This breed will take in charge himself at times.

So, train him from his young age and ensure that your training is consistent.


Good Qualities

Pekingese is always alert and due to which he is a good watchdog. He is a friendly and loving dog. He is generally affectionate with his master.


Bloodhounds are large, sniffer dogs. But he is stubborn, independent and wants to take charge at times.

You should also be a kind, patient, gentle and skilled master to him. Also, you must provide him with obedience training from an early age to avoid any unwanted behaviors he may develop.

Early socialization and reward-based training will be much effective to this breed.


Positive traits

Bloodhound is a very kind, lovable and energetic dog. These dogs are affectionate with children and will tolerate your child’s play on him.

Bloodhounds are best suited for search and rescue operations and identify the criminals who escape from the custody. He is also a good watchdog as well.


Chihuahua is too short in size. But, he will behave like he is the owner of your house.

So, you must insist on this breed that you are in charge right from the beginning of your training. Your training should be firm, positive and gentle to this breed as they have an outward behavior.

Are Chihuahuas Dumb Dogs?

Chihuahuas need to be trained intensely right from the beginning to stop them from ankle-biting. Anxiety disorder is a very common problem with Chis and they shiver constantly.

These cute tiny tots bark a lot and are hard to train also. Many people get frustrated with their aggressiveness and biting trait. They are treated as underdogs and these tiny tots go unnoticed many times as dumb ones.

But, these pint-sized pooches have large hearts and full of energy and shower you with unconditional affection.


Good Qualities

Chihuahua is a charming, loyal, and also an alert dog. Chihuahua is a companion dog but behaves well with adults rather than young children.


Borzoi is a hound breed. So, independent nature, stubbornness, and self-thinking are natural qualities of him.

Thus, you must train her with patience and provide consistent, short sessions. Socialization training from her puppyhood will make her adjustable and adaptable to different environments.


Positive note

Borzoi is a beautiful, calm, gentle and affectionate dog. So, she is a great family pet.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is an elegant dog and pleases his owner. But, he is willful and stubborn.

So, Lhasa apso needs positive and consistent training. He does not like repetitive instructions as well. So, you must be kind and soft while you train him.


Positive traits

Lhasa Apso is a smart and confident dog. This breed suits for creative people.

Least Intelligent Dog Breeds

Is there any dog who can’t understand what you train? Are such dogs the least intelligent breeds?

No! Every dog has his/her individual personality trait. Some dogs are fast learners and some are slow. But, with training, each dog breed can excel in a kind of activity other than his natural talent.

Then, what about the least intelligent dogs? Some dogs won’t obey their masters much and won’t meet the people’s expectation.

Hence, based on obedience, a few dog breeds are classified as the least intelligent dog breeds.

Are Beagles dumb dogs?

Beagles are unfairly labeled as less-intelligent dogs. As a proud Beagle owner, you may have questions about his intelligence. Beagles are look-alikes of hounds.

Hounds are marked with the appellation of dumb dogs. They are rather adamant dogs and are hard to train. It takes a little more effort to train them than other breeds.

Experts state there are no such concerns as intelligent dogs and dumb dogs. Every dog has its own abilities and they have to be identified and nurtured to get them funneled out.

Like hounds, Beagles can sniff out almost everything and are employed as tracking dogs.

Are Boxers dumb dogs?

Just because some dog breeds are hard to train, we cannot label them as dumb dogs. Boxer dogs are one of them that are negatively pointed out as averagely-smart dogs.

They may not be focused on and interested in training but, that doesn’t indicate these dogs are not clever. They are ranked in 98th position in the list of intelligent dog breeds.

This scale of obedience and doing the command in the first go can not be the correct measure of smartness. These stubborn dogs are extremely instinctive and good at escorting. Boxers are highly intuitive and have very good herding traits.

Bottom line

The bottom line is you have to train and make your dog a talented pooch irrespective of his intelligence and the ability to learn things.

Names For Dumb Dogs

Dumb Boy Dog Names

  1. Dozer
  2. Laze
  3. Scooby
  4. Pokie
  5. Potter
  6. Lane
  7. Barney
  8. Betty
  9. Shaggy
  10. Noodles
  11. Veggie
  12. Stoney
  13. Bundy

Dumb Girl Dog Names

  1. Butter
  2. Bobby
  3. Dally
  4. Airy
  5. Dreamy
  6. Jaunty
  7. Beans
  8. Dusty
  9. Allay
  10. Sleepy
  11. Cheech
  12. Balou

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