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Hounds – Original Hunting Dog Breeds On A Mission

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Most hounds or hound dogs carry the same ancestral trait of being handy for hunting. Certain dog breeds under this trait use strong scenting skills to track and follow a trail.

Some hounds showcase a terrific gift of valor and stamina as they relentlessly chase down their target.

Hound group consists of a very diverse collection of canines and any more common points are quite difficult to come by.

Some of them produce a unique baying sound and you better hear this before you decide to bring home a hound dog.

There are Beagles, Afghan hounds,  American Foxhound, Norwegian Elkhounds, Pharaoh hounds, among others.

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Meaning Of Hound

A hound represents a type of dog mainly used by hunters to chase or track prey.

They are different from gundogs which help hunters by marking the location or recovering shot quarry.

According to experts, these breeds are still considered as the primary hunting dogs. These dogs exhibit either a top speed or an excellent sense of smell.

Hound Dog Breeds

Some of the most popular hound dog breeds include:


1. Afghan Hound

Amongst the most supreme of all hound dogs, the Afghan Hound is an old dog breed, a fleet of glamorous and foot. A brilliant hunter at heart and an excellent show dog, the Afghan Hound appear strong and receptive by nature.

Their magical coats protect them from merciless winter and these hounds are originally from Afghanistan.




2. American English Coonhound

American English Coonhounds are racy, sleek, and lean but these hound dogs work tirelessly dusk to dawn searching for the wild raccoon.

The mere sight of this hound working through the moonlit forests, all focus and alert, baying their unique lusty night tune is every hunter’s delight.




3. American Foxhound

American Foxhounds are strong, low-maintenance hound dogs who moves well with cats, dogs, and even kids.

These dogs are linked to rolling estates and Revolutionary heroes of old Virginia. The American Foxhounds have longer finely boned legs compared to their British cousins.




4. Basenji

Basenjis don’t like to bark. This distinct dog makes a unique noise between a chuckle and a yodel to help their owners understand what’s bogging their minds.

These dogs are smart, a strong-willed loner and curious who keeps to himself most of the times.




5. Basset Hound

Originally from France, Basset Hound was actually a hunting dog. In French, the “Basset” means “Low thing”  and it best describes this dog’s energy level and stature with short legs.

Their patience with kids makes Basset Hounds a suitable breed for families. Voted as a top talkative dog, Basset Hounds speak their minds.




6. Beagle

Not only are Beagles a brilliant loyal companion and hunting dog, but it’s also a cute, comical, and energetic dog.

Beagles were originally bred to work in packs, and so they love the company and remain quite fun-loving.




7. Black and Tan Coonhound

Originally from America, the Black and Tan Coonhound’s capacity to locate a “cold scent” is still popular amongst dog lovers.

Talented hunters, this dog breed has helped tracked down the mountain lions, deer, and bears.




8. Bloodhound

The world popular “Sleuth Hound” performs one thing uniquely better than any animal, track people who are hiding or lost.

A retired Bloodhound is mostly calm and docile by nature,  but he’s always adamant and relentless on the scent.




9. Borzoi

Originally from Russia, Borzois are elegant, striking, and graceful athletic dog breed.

This Russian hound dog was bred for speed and stamina and they move like Formula-1 cars-swift starts, abrupt stops, and tight turns.




10. Bluetick Coonhound

The compact and swift Bluetick Coonhounds are a friendly charmer who loves sleeping in the shade. In the case of the quarry, Blueticks are single-minded, bold, and completely relentless.





11. Cirneco dell’ Etna

The well-built and sleek Cirneco dell’ Etna,  the Sicilian hound dog, is a fast hunter known for quick bursts of energy.

Cirnechis are low-maintenance, mild companions bred for their gentle and loyal nature.




12. Dachshund

The charming, bold, vivacious, low-silhouette character of the Dachshund is world famous. Dachshunds showed as dwarf dogs appear in three different coat types of different patterns and colors and in two popular sizes.




13. English Foxhound

English Foxhounds are affectionate, loving, but still, they are different from other pets.  Most dog experts do not recommend these dogs because these dogs love to move in packs.

English Foxhounds are strong, fast,  and determined hunters.




14. Greyhound

Greyhounds have excellent eyesight and their field of vision near 270 degrees, almost twice the capacity of human eyesight.

Greyhounds also make incredible runners and are charming, sweet, lovable lapdogs.




15. Grand Basset Griffon Vendee’n

The Grand Basset is a delightful French scenthound dog. Never high-strung and alert to some extent, yet Grand Bassets are very active dogs who seldom tire fast.





16. Harrier

Originally from the UK, Harriers are the swollen versions of the Beagles. A strong pack hound at heart, Harriers silly, cheerful side and will remain content in a home.

This medium-sized friendly dog is quite vocal and very rare. Expect noises, moans, howls, and grumbles to convey this dog’s mind voice.




17. Ibizan Hound

Aristocratic, respectful, and smart, the Ibizan Hounds are not normally seen in America. Originally from Spain, this medium-sized hound is always loving and sweet.





18. Irish Wolfhound

The peaceful, calm Irish Wolfhound remains the tallest known breed recognized by the AKC. A relentless hunter strong enough to dismantle a wolf, Irish Wolfhounds are the most accepted and serene of companions.






19. Norwegian Elkhound

Originally from Norway, the Norwegian Elkhounds are popular since the time of Vikings. These dogs are known for their guarding, hunting, and herding skills.

Their versatility and endurance are remarkably strong, mainly in snowy, forested terrains.




20. Otterhound

Originally from England, the Otterhound is often described as a tough dog, her webbed feet allow her to move like a duck in water.

With her water-resistant coat, Otterhounds can survive in almost all kinds of harsh weather.




21. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Close to Earth, short, and small, Petit Basset Griffons are regarded as one of the happiest dogs ever roamed on this planet.

As the name suggests, Griffon Vendeens are from the Vende’ en in France. This medium-energy, the medium-sized dog is recognized by the AKC.




22. Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound, originally from Malta, is a blushing charmer. When this dog becomes happy, their nose and ear turn pink in color.

This dog looks like she has just arrived straight from the tomb of a pharaoh king. These dogs move like a deer, travels like a breeze.

You cannot expect a hound dog so royal, agile, and exotic in addition to be a simple goofball.




23. Plott Hound

The Plott, a relentless, rugged, hunting dog that carries a unique name who is a sweetheart in character but implacable, fearless at work.

Plott scenthound is declared as North Carolina’ s official state dog.





24. Redbone Coonhound

This wonderful Redbone Coonhound, originally from the States, is one of the most take-it-easy Coonhound breeds.

Redbone Coonhounds are independent thinkers who are always eager to chase a prey. These dogs mean serious business and still possess that gracious Coonhound energy.




25. Rhodesian Ridgeback

The hallmark of this dog is the stripe or ridge of backward hair. Today Ridgebacks are known as excellent companion dogs whose masters must be convinced to handle their strong prey drive and independence.





26. Saluki (Gazelle Hound)

Leggy and swift, Salukis are canine superstars in their own right. This breeds ancient ancestry can be tracked down to the time of pharaohs.

Salukis are naturally crafted for long distance and speed. These dogs have a large-sized heart which enables them to run without getting tired.




27. Scottish Deerhound

Regarded as Scotland’s royal dog, the Scottish Deerhounds were bred to tackle the red deer. The neatly coated Scottish Deerhound is a big coursing hound representing the ancient Greyhound model.






28. Sloughi

Called “Arabian Greyhound,” Sloughis are fast, lean coursing hound who participated in a range of games in the regions of North African deserts.

A Sloughi is very friendly with loved ones.





29. Treeing Walker Coonhound

A sensible, brave, and smart hunter, the Walker Coonhound is called “The People’s Choice” dog. Excellent runners, Walkers are known to cover long distances in a short span of time.





30. Whippet

Whippets are amazingly quick and they carry a gentle, dignified, and an amiable soul.  They have streamlined grace and elegance.

Types Of Hounds

There are basically three different types of hound dogs, with plenty of breeds within each group:

  1. Some hounds track their prey using both scent and sight. These hounds will never fall under scent hound or a sighthound.
  2. Scenthounds use their scenting skills to the maximum and these hounds have strong endurance but are slow runners.
  3. Sighthounds or gazehounds follow prey using speed, keeping their target in sight. These hounds are super fast runners and help hunters in catching elk, deer, hare, and fox.

Characteristics Of A Hound Dog

  • Hounds are basically known for their distinct hunting skills, brilliant scent recognizing skills, and cheetah-like speed.
  • Scent hounds and sighthounds are tough and sturdy and speedy and sleek respectively.
  • All hounds are independent thinkers.
  • In the wild, a well-trained hound will never abandon its mission at any cost.
  • Most hounds are well behaved with small kids under supervision.
  • With early socialization and training, hound dogs can remain as one of the loyal companions for life.

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