Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Safety Guidelines

Can Dogs Eat Oranges
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Can Dogs Eat Oranges? According to veterinarians, oranges act as an excellent source of fibres, potassium, and vitamin C. Small pieces can be served to the dogs as treats.

Dogs enjoy oranges but few slices are good for health because feeding too many oranges may cause stomach upset to your dogs.

As it is rich in vitamin C and other vitamins it is healthy for dogs. However, too much may cause diarrhoea to dogs as it contains high citric acid.


Health Benefits Of Oranges For Your Dog

  • Oranges contain low sodium content and are high in vital nutrients which can act as healthy treats.
  • Orange acts as snacks for dogs because they love the taste of oranges and it is very healthy when they eat a moderate amount.
  • Feeding your dogs with small pieces of oranges is the best way to give oranges to your dogs.
  • Sometimes the owner doesn’t have time to feed your dog, at that time a few slices of oranges will boost your dog until you serve a perfect meal.

 Precautions Before You Feed Oranges To Your Dog

  • Obese dogs must avoid oranges as they do not contain natural sugars, and at times it can lead to indigestion in some dogs.
  • Start by feeding your dog with small slices and observe your dog’s reaction.
  • Stop feeding when you notice abnormal behavior in your dogs.
  • Limit your feeding as per requirement; large dogs- 1 full orange a day and small dogs- 1/3 rd of a full
  • Some dogs will consume anything that is placed before them. Hence remove the peel and feed your dogs only with oranges.
  • Certain dog breeds do not like the tart taste of oranges. So, act cautiously.
  • Vitamin c is beneficial to dogs and nutrients present in oranges are good for dog’s immune system.
  • If you notice any unusual behavior in your dog after feeding oranges, then stop feeding oranges to your dogs.
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