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Happy Puppy – Questions & Answers

Happy Puppy Questions
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Happy Puppy Questions

How to make your puppy happy?

The most common complaint which we normally come across from dog and puppy owners is that when they say we are doing everything possible and still my puppy or dog is not looking happy.

We have listed some simple easy steps to make your puppy or dog healthy and happy:

  • Shower them with new gifts/treats – Gifting them with new treats every now and then is a good idea. This will keep your dog or puppy not only guessing and you will also know what treats to include in the mix.
  • Praise them often – Petting your dog on a regular basis will make your dog or puppies feel comfortable.
  • Avoid inconsistent behavior – It is the moral responsibility of the pet owner to behave and act consistently with your dog. Giving them clear instructions and not changing them very often is really very important.
  • Maintain your dog’s weight steadily – Restricting your dog’s food intake may not sound a nice idea, but it is one of the ways to keep your dog happy. Your dog will try to finish the entire food on his plate before realizing he’s full. So, by restricting the food intake it will help them to maintain a consistent weight and also be happy.
  • Try new tricks – Teaching new tricks will increase the bond between you and your dog; thereby your dog will have a sense of security and comfort.

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What are the exercises to keep your puppy healthy?

Some of the exercises to keep your dog happy and active :

• Warm water swimming.
• Engage your pet with toys inside a safe zone.
• Brisk, short walks.
Weeks(six) to Months (four)
• Long walks.
• Can start training with simple orders like sit down etc, but go slow if your dog is not responding properly.
Months(four to six)
• Appoint a certified dog trainer for training your dog.
• Go for fast-paced, long walks.
Months(eight to twelve)
• Engage your dog with age-specific
• Take your dogs on a walk on outside terrain on a regular basis.
• Jog with your dog (slow pace).
• Play and swim with your dog for a long duration.
Months( twelve and more)

Activities to avoid without any hesitation

  • Do not run fast while jogging with your puppies since they are too young for strenuous activities.
  • Avoid taking them along while doing skateboarding/biking/rollerblading etc.

How long can you leave a puppy alone?

If owning a dog is one thing, then taking care of them is another. Leaving your puppy alone must be avoided completely. From the age of 6 months onwards, your puppy would be in a position to control weeing for a maximum period of four hours on a trot.

He will spend those couple of hours sleeping happily.

Do dogs get lonely?

According to animal dog behavior experts, every time a dog spends time alone on a regular basis the possibility to become lonely is unavoidable. Dogs are also social beings like humans and leaving them alone can make them lonely.

How do I keep my dog entertained while at work?

There are several ways to keep your dog busy. Some of them:

  • Give your dog a new top to play with.
  • Provide them with dental chews.
  • Appoint a dog trainer to take your dog for a walk daily.
  • Plan a neighbourhood dog date.
  • Get another furry friend for your dog.
  • Buy dog puzzles for him to play.
  • Set him a nice cozy place near the window.

What are good toys for puppies?

Each and every dog has a different individual personality. It is the prerogative of every pet owner to buy good, durable toys for them to play with.

We have listed some toy options for you to consider:

  • VIP’s Tuffy’s tug (ring)
  • Benebone Wishbone toy(chew)
  • Ringbone toy from Nylabone
  • Kong’s toy
  • N-Bone teething puppy toy

How do you play with your dog?

To play the same old games time and again will make your dog dull and disinterested. We have devised new games to keep your dog active:

  • Frisbee games – This activity will give your dog more time to spend in mid-air while trying to catch the saucer lingering in the air.
  • Bubble games – Blow big huge bubbles for your dog to chase around. Use only nontoxic pet bubbles for playing.
  • Keep different fetch – Instead of going for the regular sticks, buy soft dog toys.

How to care for newborn puppies?

Feeding them with commercially available canine replacer milk is not a bad idea. Use only milk products specifically created for puppies, as other replacer milk or cow’s milk can lead to diarrhoea.

Syringe feeding has to be continued for some more weeks till the puppies are healthy and robust.

What are the common illnesses you watch in puppies?

Watch what you feed your puppies and make sure you stick to a particular feeding schedule. Some of the common illnesses that can affect your puppy:

  • Diarrhoea – The very first thing to check as a puppy owner is for intestinal parasites. Probably, they might have licked or eaten something they should have avoided.
  • A bacterial disease like Leptospirosis – Mainly affects your dog through infected urine or contaminated water, this disease can upset your puppy’s liver and kidneys.
  • Adenovirus – One of the most dangerous diseases that can affect any dog is canine hepatitis and adenovirus can cause that. Nowadays, most of the puppies are vaccinated with both distemper and adenovirus vaccine.
  • A cough – Parainfluenza or bacterial infection, both airborne, can create a cough (kennel) in dogs. Puppies must be vaccinated against a cough starting from six weeks onwards.
  • Distemper – The first shot of vaccine for distemper virus is given between 6 to 8 weeks. The next shot is after nine weeks. This can turn out to be an ugly disease if not given proper attention.
  • Parvo – Highly contagious illness (canine) generally attacks puppies in the age group (12 weeks – 3 months). Mainly transmitted via unvaccinated puppies and body secretions, it is necessary to take your dog to the vet immediately.

How to know if the puppy has a fever?

The simple way is to check your dog’s nose. If it is cool and wet, then your dog is doing well. If it is dry and hot, then you need to take your dog to the veterinarian.

When can you start taking your puppy for a walk?

It is better to avoid taking them outside for a walk within a fortnight after vaccination. This vaccination dose is given when they are between 14 to 16 weeks old.

What are the necessary vaccines for dogs?

The lists of vaccines: 

  • Intranasal Adenovirus
  • Cough(Kennel)
  • Influenza (Canine)
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Bordetella

How many parvo shots are needed for a puppy?

The first shot is usually given when the puppy is 2 months old and the second shot after the puppy crosses 3 months of age. Your puppy’s immunization improves only after the second dose. Then, continue with annual booster vaccines without fail.

How does a dog get parvovirus?

The parvovirus (CPV2) is one of the deadliest canine infections that can affect any dog. Parvo spreads from one dog to another by indirect or direct connection with their excreta.

What can you do if your dog has parvo?

Please confirm whether your dog has contracted parvovirus from the list of symptoms:

  • Stops drinking water suddenly.
  • Muscle control weakness.
  • Severe tiredness.
  • Appetite loss.
  • Frequent fever.
  • Vomiting

If you suspect that your dog suffers from parvovirus, try these simple tips:

1) Call the vet as soon as possible.

2) Treat your dog with love and care.

3) Hydrate the dog after consulting your vet.

4) Feed them with electrolytes and nutrients at regular intervals.

How long does it take a dog to get over parvo?

Rush your dog to the nearest vet clinic as this can turn deadly for young puppies. The first 48 to 72 hours after contracting the virus is really crucial and this is when you have to treat them with proper medication.

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