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Is Maltipoo The Right Dog For You?

Is Maltipoo The Right Dog For You?
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This bright spark is pleasing and plucky, and she loves people of any age group.

They are very charming and their loving nature can be traced back to their ancestors; both the playful Maltese and the Poodles have a calm temperament that gets carried over to their crossbreed.

This gentle, sweet, amusing and affectionate crossbreed adapts to any type of living situation, whether your home is a tiny New York City apartment or a pompous castle in Britain countryside.

If you want a dog who…

  • Small, yet light, elegant quick-moving sprite
  • Is polite with people and peaceful with other pets
  • Is hypoallergenic (often a good choice for allergy sufferers)
  • Doesn’t need much outdoor exercise and easy to train

A Maltipoo may be right for you.

Maltipoo Characteristics


  • Apartment Living – Yes
  • Good For First-Time Owners – Yes
  • Sensitivity Level –  High
  • Loneliness – Hates To Be Left Alone
  • Cold Weather – Good
  • Hot Weather – Good


  • With Family – High
  • Kids – High
  • Other Dogs – High
  • With Cats – Good, If Raised Together
  • Other Pets – Good, If Raised Together
  • Strangers – Suspicious

General Behavior:

  • Independence – Low
  • Dominance – Average
  • Combativeness –  Low
  • Indoors – Active
  • Outdoor – Active
  • Territorial – Average
  • Easy Of Transportation – High

If you don’t want to deal with…

  • Small dog syndrome and fragility of toy and  teacup breeds
  • Separation anxiety” (barking and destructiveness) when left alone for long periods
  • Housebreaking difficulties and Emotional sensitivity
  • A rather stubborn “What’s in it for me?” attitude
  • High maintenance on grooming  part

Maltipoo may not be right for you.

Who Gets Along With Maltipoo Dogs?

  • Family with older kids
  • Active household
  • Singles and seniors
  • Apartments, condos, houses with/without yards
  • Folks looking for hunting, camping or hiking companions.

For first time Maltipoo Puppy owners 

Welcome to Poodle – Maltese world. This perky little people pleaser usually is a happy and high-spirited personality that adapts into any environment with an added bonus being that they have a very relaxed temperament.

They are a great choice for Novice owners because they are so devoted and ‘ready to please’.

This being said, these petite little powerhouses are little difficult to housetrain and the trainer or owners should be aware of their parent breeds as well as their specific needs which include the health concerns the hybrid.

If not handled and trained properly from the word go, these charming little personalities can become mini-disorderly and mini-wayward which makes it hard for owners.

Though, in the right hands and with a little persistence, it is possible to overwhelm their stubborn streak.

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