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10 Best Dog Breeds For Older Adults And Seniors

Dog Breeds for Older Adults
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Which Dog Breeds Keeps Your Golden Years Both Lively and Peaceful? What are the best dog breeds for older adults?

On a personal note!

When my uncle expressed enthusiasm in finding a suitable dog to drive away his loneliness, I started learning about various dog breeds to give him a perfect company.

Calm or busy, quiet or chaotic, small or big- selecting the correct dog breed plays an important role when you decide to live with a pet.

Do wish to own a dog in your golden years? Well, maybe you have finally made up your mind to bring home a furry partner.

Yes, you covet the type of friendship that a four-legged companion can offer. Irrespective of sexes, everyone should get a chance to live life with a loyal animal such as a dog.

Advantages Of Owning A Dog In Your Golden Years

  • Key issues related to your lifestyle and health can reduce your capacity to easily own a dog. The main thing is to choose the best breed of dog that suits your abilities and lifestyle, irrespective of your age.
  • Most senior citizens understand that dog ownership ensures many emotional and health benefits.
  • Being friendly with dogs has been proved to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  • Owning a dog can stop or improve anxiety and depression.
  • Shake a leg or two with your dog is a simple way to stay healthy and positive.

What Dog Breeds Are Ideal For Seniors?

  • The real answer is you can own any dog if you show the ability and strength to care for any dog. You better pick a dog that suits your daily lifestyle.
  • You should ensure that you can attend to all your dog’s requirement, like health care, grooming, and exercise.
  • High-energy dogs are best suited for those who can provide a lot of exercises and also lead an agile lifestyle.
  • Think about gathering support from family and friends who can assist you in maintaining a dog.
  • If you suffer from any health issues, then it’s recommended that you choose a small dog breed.
  • Senior-dogs are most suited if you would wish to avoid the extra requirements of an adolescent.
  • Mixed-dog breeds appear in sizes and shapes. If you prefer to choose a mutt, contact your local shelter worker and learn about the dog’s needs and energy levels.
  • Purebred dogs are suited for a more relaxed way of living.

Take a look at some of the dog breeds that are not only smaller in size but also possess moderate energy levels. These dog breeds are best as old age companions and arguably best to spend your retired life in style.

West Highland White Terrier

The cutest “little fairy dog” to consider. Westies, in general, are very simple to handle and make brilliant companions. At 13 to 20 lbs, these dog breeds are very small but not as tender as the Maltese or Pomeranian.


West Highland White Terrier


The Westie requires some sort of grooming but requires very less trimming compared to other dogs. The West Highland White Terrier is fairly low maintenance and friendly.

Shih Tzu

The cute smart Shih Tzu is a very popular small dog. Weighing between 9 lbs and 16 lbs, this small dog breed requires very less handling.




Shih Tzus are known for their little stubbornness, but most of them can be easily trained without much difficulty. Periodic grooming and daily walks are very necessary for this breed.

These dogs are susceptible to the brachycephalic syndrome and skin issues, but not to the extent of the naughty French Bulldog.


One of the brightest dogs amongst the small dog breeds, the Poodle is an owner’s delight. Most importantly, the owner can choose the size they want.

Well, whichever type of Poodle you choose, be it the bigger Standard Poodle, the cute and small Miniature Poodle, or the tiny bright Toy poodle, this dog will always remain your affectionate, loyal companion.




Poodles, in fact, adapt well and learn super fast to different kinds of households. For most Poodles, simple daily walks are more than enough to let out steam.

Monthly once grooming is enough to maintain these dogs.


Do you want a small tiny dog? Not weighing more than 3 lbs to 7 lbs, Pomeranians are beautiful and very simple to maintaining that can be easily carried with you. Pomeranians are happy and friendly companions except for a mild barking issue.




They love sleeping in your bed and playing with small children and toys. The most vital factor is this breed enjoys your companionship like nothing else.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you are looking for a small or a medium-sized dog, then Pembroke Welsh Corgis are your best choice. Around 24 lbs to 30 lbs, the Pembrokes are still cute enough for you to handle.


Pembroke Welsch Corgi


These dogs are fairly simple to train and very smart. Pembrokes look adorable with those little sturdy legs. Corgis are typical herding dogs, and your Corgi might require daily walks as part of their exercise regimen.

These dogs have very little grooming needs that are welcomed by most senior citizens.


Similar to the Bichon Frise, the Maltese is often considered as the most popular “smart little lap dog”. The Maltese dogs love sleeping or playing in her trainer’s lap and daily going on easy walks.




The grooming needs of the Maltese dogs are quite similar to the Bichon Frise dog. A regular trip to a professional groomer will ensure that the dogs look neat and tidy.

Weighing between 4 lbs to 7 lbs, the Maltese dogs are pretty easy to handle and train. You can carry your Maltese dog with you on the go.


Wait..a min, you are on the right website? Don’t confuse yourself. You might think how can a sturdy fast dog like a Greyhound be suitable for senior citizens?

Are you aware that Greyhounds are not typically active dogs? Greyhounds love the occasional warm-ups and daily walks, but must remain as “couch potatoes” that travel with their owners.



They weigh easily between 60 lbs to 80 lbs, but these dogs are easy to handle and train. If you prefer larger dogs but feel about being not in a position to handle one, then this hound dog breed is a good choice to consider.

Bichon Frise

The fluffy and teddy-bear like Bichon Frise is another kind and adorable dog that proves to be a brilliant companion. With a manageable weight of around 7 lbs to 12 lbs, the Bichon Frise dog is simply safe for most senior citizens.

Bichon Frise


These dogs, in addition, are fairly simple to train. Mostly low-maintenance dog, this dog requires regular grooming. Many small dog owners hire a professional groomer to keep them nice and sparkling.

Moderate to simple exercises are more than enough to keep your dog happy and healthy as long as your dog loves your company.

French Bulldog

If you remain a sad owner even after owning a Frenchie dog, something somewhere is terribly wrong.  Because it’s simply incredibly impossible to stay moody and sober when a French Bulldog is around.



Frenchies are, in general, one of the most delightful of all small dog breeds. These dogs are highly active, muscular, and active dogs. Weighing between 19 lbs to 28 lbs, Frenchies are very manageable dogs.

Frenchies lack endurance but they make up for it with their abundant energy. Moderate daily exercises are right for this dog breed. Grooming is simple and easy but their main concern is skin issues and brachycephalic syndrome.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a splendid little puppy-like dog. They are very adaptable and friendly. One of the happiest small dog breeds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love to wind up beside their owner.




This small dog breed weighs not more than 11 lbs and 18 lbs. These dogs are very easy to train and handle.

The Cavaliers expect some grooming needs, such as ear cleaning, hair brushing, or a periodical trip to a professional groomer.

Cavaliers are definitely, the most sought-after dogs who prefer cute, snuggle, friendly companions.

Best Dog Breeds For Anxiety And Depression

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If you are still not sure whether bringing home a dog could help you beat old age anxiety and depression, then carry on reading this article.

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