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Are Maltipoo Hypoallergenic As Claimed?

Are Maltipoo Hypoallergenic?
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Not actually a purebred dog, the Maltipoo is a designer cross-breed between a Poodle and a Maltese dog.

True to their nature, Maltipoos are gentle and affectionate.  These dogs make excellent companions as therapy dogs for empty-nesters.

Maltipoo History

Hybrid mixed dog breeds like the Maltese Poodle is a recent phenomenon in canine history.

The Maltese are known for their loving, sweet nature. Like most small dog breeds, the Maltipoos need good socialization and training from puppyhood on.

New dog owners should understand that they can bark much more than most other small dogs.

Poodles are proud owners of child-like temperament and with a knack to learn commands very quickly. They are alert, active, trainable, loyal, and intelligent.

Are Maltipoo Hypoallergenic?

There is nothing called 100% hypoallergenic dogs.  The question is whether a Maltipoo, a designer dog, is a non-shedding dog or not?

The real answer is not that much straightforward.

It is true that Maltipoos, Maltese, and Poodles have only hair and not any fur. When a person becomes allergic, the fur does not cause the real problem.

Most people are prone to dander and dander is small pieces of dead skin. It scales off during the process of renewal.

The immune system responds to the dander just like it responds to a bacteria or a virus. The dander collects on the dog’s coat. The Maltipoos have dander similar to other dog breeds.

Dead Skin renews itself and the tiny specks are replaced with a new set of cells. This renewal happens to most other dogs at different rates.

Is Maltipoo Hypoallergenic As Claimed?

The coat is always in a state of renewal. The main difference with these dogs is that this renewal or fall-out happens at a rate than breeds with fur.

According to experts, all dogs have dander and will cause some sort of sensitivity to the dog’s dander.

The Maltipoo is, therefore, a low-allergenic dog and not 100% hypoallergenic as claimed by some.

Maltipoos shed only lightly and the silky nature traps very little dander, meaning this dog will cause very fewer reactions.

The  Maltipoos are good for those people who manage well with less dander.

Difference Between Fur And Hair

The fur is always quite thicker than hair and this will stick to the dander. The fur will further create a problem by getting trapped in the coat.

With this breed, Maltipoo, the hair appears soft and silky which permits the dander to fall.

When a normal person comes into contact with a Maltipoo, the person will have a less allergenic response when handling or touching the dog. Dogs with fur often shed heavy.

This means, in other words, the fur falls onto the beds, flooring, and furniture all over the house. Certain breeds shed massively but Maltipoo sheds lightly.

Steps To Check If A Dog Suits You Or Not

It is better to check whether a puppy suits you or not before getting one.

For best results, experts say potential dog owners should hold the puppy at least for 20 minutes at a stretch.

It is recommended to try this indoors since outside air can push the dander and create a false impression.

A person who owns a Maltipoo puppy but is prone to allergies should know-

  • The most important thing is to meet an allergist and find the exact cause of your problem.
  • Appoint a person in the household who is not allergic to brushing, grooming, and other maintenance problems.
  • Whenever possible, brush or bath the dog outside.
  • An allergic person should stay away from the dog’s belongings, dishes, and toys.
  • Keep the Maltipoo off furniture, beds, sofas, and one can use a HEPA filter with the best in class MERV rating.


The Maltipoos are known for their silky, soft, and thick coat. Spend some time with the puppy before actually buying it from a reputable breeder.

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