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Non-Shedding Dogs – 22 Notable Dogs That Don’t Shed

Non Shedding Dogs
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Are you looking out for non-shedding dogs and live free from dog allergens?

They are hypoallergenic dog breeds that shed minimally. These dogs are well suitable for people prone to allergies.

But, do you know that there is no dog breed such as “non-shedding” dog. Every dog breeds shed at least a minimal amount of hair.

So, you must know a few things before you take a look at the minimal-shedding dog breeds.

Basic Facts

Is It True That A Dog Doesn’t Shed?

No! All dogs shed. But, the amount of shedding differs for each breed. Some breeds shed more and some shed less.

Is the Dog’s Fur (hair) Really Creating Allergies?

No! Danders are actually creating allergies. Danders are small particles of dead skin that your pet shed. These danders further break into small particles and are airborne.

Protein in the danders leads the immune system of humans to misjudge it as harmful and to produce an antibody.

By time-being, this antibody produces mast cells and due to which allergic reactions such as sneezing, stuffy nose, coughing, wheezing and watery eyes occur.

But, people may get allergies from the dog’s saliva or urine.

Should I Groom My Non-shedding Dog?

Yes, you should groom your non-shedding dog as they also need more brushing. Regular brushing helps them to stay free from debris and dirt.

There is no question of spending time and money with dog groomer if your dog has a healthy coat.

But, you should also take your dog to a professional groomer for every 2 to 4 months depending on the breed.

Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

1. Affenpinscher




Affenpinscher is a fearless small dog breed and is easy to maintain. It has a wiry coat and sheds too little.

His coat produces very minimal or even no odor. Thus, brush his coat two times a week with a metal comb and soft bristle brush is all that you have to do.

2. Basenji




Basenji is the best among the hound breeds for shedding habits. This breed requires minimal care as well.

Basenjis have a hypoallergenic, odorless coat and these dogs shed too minimal. Basenjis also clean themselves by licking their fur as cats do.

But, brushing at least once a week will keep this breed good and healthy.

3. Bichon Frise




Bichon Frise is an excellent breed for people having allergies. But, this breed requires a lot of grooming.

Bichon Frise has a fluffy, white, hypoallergenic double coat. But, he has continuous hair growth.

So, you have to brush his coat twice a week and bath him when he is dirty to keep him clean. He needs regular grooming and brushing and must have frequent visits to the groomer.

4. Bolognese




It is a fluffy dog with full of hair. Bolognese suits best for people having mild to low allergies as he does not shed generally.

He has a pure white, soft coat having a cotton texture. But, he needs regular grooming due to fluffiness.

Brush him two or times a week or daily and bath him with dog shampoo occasionally will help him to be a clean dog. Some people maintain this breed by trimming his coat to 1 inch.

5. Coton De Tulear




Coton De Tulear is a small, non-shedding dog, the best choice for allergy sufferers. But, he needs high maintenance.

Coton De Tulear has a long, hypoallergenic, white coat that is fluffy. His coat is cottony soft and has the nature to form mats.

So, you have to carefully brush him using a non-coated metal pin brush twice or thrice a week. Often grooming this breed leads to less bathing. But, you have to bath him once a week or every two weeks or monthly if he is dirty.

6. Dandie Dinmont Terrier




Dandie Dinmont terrier has a large head with long, white, silky hair. He has an attractive, hypoallergenic coat and sheds rare.

But, he needs daily to moderate grooming. You have to strip his coat at least two times a year to remove the dead hairs.

Dandie needs daily brushing to prevent matt formation. You can pluck the dead hairs from his coat using your thumb and forefingers to keep him neat and clean.

7. Havanese




Havanese has a long, hypoallergenic, silky coat and does not shed generally. But, he needs high maintenance.

You have to brush twice or thrice a week using s soft brush to avoid matt formation. Bath him weekly as well.

Due to frequent brushing, some owners want to have his hair clipped to reduce the time of grooming.

8. Lhasa Apso




Lhasa Apso has a lengthy, hanging and beautiful coat. His coat can touch the floor. Lhaso Apso sheds in rare cases but needs regular maintenance.

Whether Lhaso has long hair or a puppy cut, you have to brush him regularly and bath him every two weeks.

You may have to visit the professional groomer for every 4 to 6 weeks for hair maintenance.

9. Maltese




Maltese are stylish and energetic dogs. Allergic pet owners can opt for this dog as he is a low-shedding dog.

Maltese have a soft and silky coat. Yet, you have to groom the Maltese dog daily and carefully brush them. Regular cleaning of their ears, beards, and eyes will also be helpful.

10. Miniature Schnauzer




Miniature Schnauzers are a popular, smart and energetic breed. It is a double-coated dog. He has a wiry, hard overcoat and a soft undercoat.

Miniature Schnauzer is a low shedding dog as well. But, this breed needs grooming at least once in two months as he has the tendency for quick growth of hair that covers their eyes.

So, you have to trim his coat every 2 months by a professional groomer. You also have to bath him monthly once.

11. Shih Tzu




Shih Tzu has a long, soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic coat and is a low-shedding dog. This dog breed generally sheds the broken hairs during brushing.

But, his fluffy coat needs regular brushing. So, you have to brush his coat daily. Bath him every three weeks or monthly once to keep the coat clean.

To protect his eyes from irritation, you should either trim his hair on the top of his head to make it short or tie the hair to make a knot.

You can also clip his hair to “puppy trim” if you want to reduce the grooming time

Medium Dogs That Don’t Shed

1. Kerry Blue Terrier




Kerry blue terrier is a popular medium sized dog breed for his blue-colored coat. They are best suit for allergy sufferers as this breed sheds minimally to no shedding.

This breed doesn’t shed generally but needs regular brushing. Kerry blue terriers have a soft, dense, silky hypoallergenic coat and a long hair on her face. Kerry blue terriers have continuous hair growth as well.

So, you have to brush her daily to prevent matt formation. You also have to bath her every 6 weeks. It is also essential to regularly visit the groomer.

2. Tibetan Terrier




Tibetan terrier looks different because of his long, thick double coat. He has a wooly undercoat and fine overcoat.

You have to brush this terrier dog daily to be matt-free. You have to also visit the groomer once in a month.

Most of the owners of this breed trim his hair to puppy cut because of the long hair.

3. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier




The name of “softly coated wheaten terrier” itself means that this breed is having a soft coat with hair in wheaten color. His coat is single-layered but needs regular maintenance.

Softly coated wheaten terriers shed minimally. But, you have to brush him using a pin brush or slicker brush to remove the loose hairs and dirt.

In fact, daily brushing keeps his coat free from mats and clean. You have to bath him only when necessary.

 4. Lagotto Romagnolo




Lagotto Romagnolo has a wooly, double coat that is curly similar to Poodle. This breed is hypoallergenic and sheds minimally.

His double coat is waterproof and needs regular trimming. It is must to regularly groom him to prevent matt formation.

Bathing monthly once is enough for him. Clipping his hair three or four times a year will help to avoid any tangle or matt formation.

5. Barbet




It has a dense, curly coat that covers his head to tail. They shed generally a bunch of hair only during brushing. So, he is a good choice for people having allergies.

But, you have to regularly comb his curly hair to prevent matt formation. Brush his hair weekly once.

You must also trim his hair to keep the coat clean and neat due to the continuous growth of the hair.

Large Dogs that Don’t Shed

1. Afghan Hound

Afghan hound’s body shape and size are similar to greyhounds. He has a lengthy, thick, silky coat. But, Afghan hounds do not shed much.

As Afghan puppies have short coats, little maintenance is enough for them. But, an adult dog needs regular grooming.

Thus, you should bath and brush the adult Afghan hound at least two times a week to keep the coat soft and luxurious.




Regular brushing also helps him to prevent matt formation and to remove loose hairs.

You should also bath her regularly using dog shampoo and conditioner.

2. Irish Water Spaniel




Irish Water Spaniel has a thick, curly, beautiful, double coat. His coat is waterproof and hypoallergenic. This breed does not shed usually and so suits for allergy sufferers.

But, you have to brush her twice or thrice a week to prevent matt formation and to remove dirt. You also have to trim his hair every two months to keep the coat neat and in proper shape.

It is advisable to take her for a regular visit to the professional groomer as well.

3. Portuguese Water Dog




Portuguese water dog has a dense, curly, waterproof and hypoallergenic coat. But, you have to regularly groom his waterproof coat.

The coat of this breed can be either dense and curly or loose and wavy. So, you have to trim his hair monthly once.

You should also brush his hair twice or thrice a week to prevent from tangles or matt. An occasional bath will also help this dog to be clean and neat.

4. Airedale Terrier




Airedale terrier has a dense, short, wiry coat. This breed sheds minimal and suits well for allergy sufferers.

Airedale terriers need only little maintenance. You have to brush him weekly once to remove the dead hairs and to keep the coat look good.

You can break the matt in his coat using your fingers and then comb him. It is better to groom him two or three times a year as well.

5. Saluki




Saluki is one among the oldest dog breeds. It has either a smooth, silky coat or feather type.

Saluki is generally a clean dog and his coat has no odor. He sheds occasionally. So, Saluki suits your family and you can easily maintain this dog as well.

You can brush him to remove matt and debris. It is enough to bath him only when he is dirty. It takes this dog to a professional groomer a few times in a year to keep the coat beautiful.

6. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon




Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a popular breed for his harsh, bristle type coat. His outer coat is harsh with wiry hair of medium length, whereas the undercoat is soft.

This breed sheds minimal and so you can choose him to your home. You can also easily maintain this breed for his low-shedding nature.

You have to brush his coat weekly once and trim the hair around the ears and feet twice a month.

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