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Puli FAQs – Questions And Answers On The Puli Breed

Puli FAQs

How much is a Puli dog?

Pulik puppies will be priced anywhere between $1000 – $1,200. The costs will depend on the age, quality, lineage, breeder, your location, popularity at the time of purchase and inclusions.

It is difficult to find this dog in many countries. Hence you may have to pay for shipping charges also. Depending on the location and how you send the price may go up by $200 to $500.

Are Puli good dogs?

The Hungarian herder Puli looks like some sort of twisted, animatronic mop similar to the much larger Komondor. But, there can be no bad days, as long as you come home to see a face like this.

Puli is an energetic dog with life to spare and who soaks up as much as attention and time her family is willing to give.

The Puli is first and foremost a sheepdog, and she was actually bred to guard sheep and other livestock in farms. If she doesn’t have sheep to work with, she will herd people.

The Puli is also a good choice for first-time owners because they are quite easy to train.

With this said, anyone sharing a home with a Puli has to be prepared for some serious coat maintenance, particularly in puppies and adolescent dogs which is a time when their cords are just forming.

Can Puli dogs see?

There are all sorts of myths about these dapper dogs, but almost all of them seems like it would be more fact than fiction.

Some people believe that pulik struggle to see through their matted cords, a perception that honestly isn’t absurd, considering you can barely see their eyes through their hair.

However, pulik have excellent eyesight. Almost, it’s like looking through vertical window blinds, and given that the cords move as the Puli does, the view is even better.

This is a good question that most of them wondered about. Even a puli veteran or handlers may not answer correctly.

Next time, if anybody asks you this…Answer them nonchalantly and walk away with your puli. Imagine it should be somewhat like looking through blinds at a window.

With the blinds, only partially open, stand back at a distance. It doesn’t seem the blinds permit for seeing much through the window from that distance.

Move little close to those blinds or so close as if you are pressing your nose up to them – and you’ll be able to see through quite easily.

There is an age-old Hungarian saying: “The Puli, through her hair, sees well than you.

What does a puli dog look like?

‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?’ Your Puli would be a front-runner with their attractive Rasta dreadlocks.

The striking feature of puli dogs is evidently their staggering, shaggy manes that have an uncanny resemblance to dreadlocks.

But whilst their clumps of hair appear like dreads, they are, in fact, called cords.

The base of the cords is much softer and becomes twisted in the thick outer layer, which is a weather resistant shield that allows these dogs to endure through all sorts of environmental challenges in the Hungarian plains where they worked as herding dogs.

They also act as a sort of armor that protects them from potential predators. The substantial amounts of hair camouflage their bodies from biting predators and they are more likely to grab a mouthful of hair than actual flesh. 

Can you shave a puli dog?

No more than it is to shave a babies hair, unless for a reason. Would you recommend it without any reason? Perhaps not. Puliks have their coats for a reason.

They need their coats for protection from the weather – both hot and cold. Coats need to be clean, well-conditioned, combed and well brushed, mat-free, regularly de-shed, groomed but they need their coats.

A coat keeps them dry, and it protects their skin from the external environment. Except for infestations or skin issues, do not shave the dog. Love your double-coated dog.

Know that to DE-SHED it is healthier, easier and more effective than shaving it down. Comb and brush it and regularly bathe and condition it. Better yet, send it to professionals for regular grooms.

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